CBT Project [Catch the Beat Beginner Tutorial]

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Granger wrote:

Well, to put it in the words the people at the G&R forum use so often..

"Just play more."

And even there, they are right, these abilities come when you expose yourself to this stuff and just play more. The only issue is to make this sentence sound appealing and helpfull. xD
yeah, but the thing that can be helped about it is to expose them to this kind of stuff..but you have to give them some kind of start point, so they can see where they are standing right now, and which kind of maps fit the skill they have a lack of.
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I gave this year old dead thread a little overhaul, but im still not finished with would be nice if some CTB Mappers and Modders could help me out and tell me what kinda information is still lacking (and answer the questions i stated in my post itself xD)
Add DaxMasterix as creator of sakuzyo - AXION [Red Light ~CtB~]
Under "Train your skills" you called the dash button the Hyperdash-button twice, you may want to fix that typo.

I also may or may not suggest some maps for the lists in the near future
If you're still working on this, I recently compiled a guide on "how to mod CtB" that goes over the basics of how to use the editor, how to format your suggestions, what to look out for and how to improve it, etc. Might be worth including, the more publicity the better xD

nice self-advert jbh :')

Chara wrote:

nice self-advert jbh :')
Hey I didn't write it for nothing (^:
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JBHyperion wrote:

Chara wrote:

nice self-advert jbh :')
Hey I didn't write it for nothing (^:
Thx ^^ forgot that i could add it~ Btw do you any other suggestions on what i could add? and maybe something for the "Community Training Suggestions"
i finally want to put something inside those Boxes, lol
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edit: added the newly amanded Ranking Criteria to the Mapping Section (hope i put in the right ones in, tell me if i made any mistakes)
Kann mir nicht vorstellen dass man die ersten cup maps ohne diesen Boost auf SS spielen kann mit is viel einfacher :P
Thanks for the tutorial, i don't have many beatmaps to train every pattern. Now, i'll train CtB :) (sorry, i don't speak a lot English so i didn't understand everything in the tutorial :x)
Somebody pin this
claudio rolna
thanks to this thread, Im pretty good at ctb now 2013 and 2014 i was the worst at ctb
now in 2016 i think im pretty good
Great guide ty :3
I think this can be Bloody-Fruit in the Hell.
Ew4n -II-
I hope i can improve with this.
I think the beatmaps section should be updated since some of them have been deleted.
New link for Galaxy Collapse
Old thread but thank you it's helped me stay motivated to learn this mode. I'm upto early-mid "hard patterns&speed" section and a few of the maps are a huge pain but i'm improving. (as well as that HP8 map in the previous section being crazy).
Great guide, thanks!!
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