Yorushika - Hana ni Bourei

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Friday, June 14, 2024 at 10:08:12 PM

Artist: Yorushika
Title: Hana ni Bourei
Source: A Whisker Away
Tags: dooe yukic nakineko ghost in a flower nakitai watashi wa neko wo kaburu n-buna 泣きたい私は猫をかぶる feels anime japanese pop jpop j-pop movie netflix mask studio colorido colourido flower suis nakitai watashi wa neko o kaburu hana ni bourei borei bōrei
BPM: 90
Filesize: 9610kb
Play Time: 03:57
Difficulties Available:
  1. that's what the mask is.. (4.89 stars, 674 notes)
  2. yukic's hard (3.76 stars, 485 notes)
Download: Yorushika - Hana ni Bourei
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
You see, the song name "ghost in a flower" actually beautifully symbolizes the message of the movie. The 'ghost' represents a figure of deep loneliness and sadness who is unable to be seen, hiding itself from others. On the other hand, the 'flower' represents a pretty, innocent, and cheerful disguise used by the 'ghost' in order to hide it's negative emotions from the outside world. This connection can be difficult to realize for an average person, but I, with my 124 IQ (95th percentile) actually find it quite easy due to the hint added in the title, it being the preposition 'in a,' implying that the 'ghost' is 'in a flower' which makes the conclusion that the 'ghost' is hiding in the 'flower' quite straightforward to come to. Now that we understand the concepts that the subjects in the title are meant to represent, we can connect it to the message of the movie. In the movie, the main character hides themselves behind a smile and playful personality in order to hide their internal frustrations with their inability to meaningfully connect with the people she wants to be around as well as her struggling home life. Already we can see the connection here (actually I don't know if this is true because 95% of people have an IQ level below my own 124, which may make it so that I am able to see something which 95% of people are not able to, but for the sake of discussion, I will say "we."). Quite plainly, the main character is represented by the 'ghost,' and their cheerful pretense is represented by the 'flower.' Literature is quite beautiful sometimes, isn't it? However, looking deeper, we can recall another significant object from the movie which can represent the 'flower.' In the movie, the main character obtains a mask which transforms them into a feline (colloquially known as a "cat," I prefer feline as it is a much more sophisticated word to use, and of course I am quite sophisticated as I do have an IQ of 124 (95th percentile)). Transforming into a feline allows the main character to disguise something they aren't, a theme which both the title and previously mentioned plot point have in common with each other as well as the mask. Obviously, this shows that the mask plays a large part in forming the message of the movie. Besides that though, it also serves as an allusion to the hit song "Mask" by Dream. How do I know this? Well, my presumably comparatively lesser endowed in the IQ department friend, besides the obvious correlation between the words "mask" and "Mask," the song "Mask" by Dream actually has a similar message to the movie. The song talks about hiding negative emotions behind a smile in order to avoid debilitating judgement from others. This is virtually the same idea presented by the movie, and, via transitive property, the same idea represented by the song title. Connecting the dots, we can find that the song name "ghost in a flower" is actually a representation of a theme in the movie which is supported by an object/literary device which is actually an allusion to hit song "Mask" by Dream. Based on this conclusion, we can determine that the diffname that I chose, "that's what the mask is.." actually fits this song quite well due to it being a lyric from the song which the literary device that supports the theme of the movie that this song represents alludes to, despite the lesser IQ'd of you perhaps not being able to see the connection. So, if you were about to be so brainless as to click clack away on your $300 dollar keyboard in my discussion section with a statement as preposterous as "diffname does not fit song," I think you should be able to see now, despite your lack of IQ points, that the diffname does in fact fit the song quite well, and you were a fool to even consider challenging my intellectual prowess. Now, I assume that you are uncultured as well as low IQ'd so I will present you with an opportunity to amend this. Here is the link to "Mask" by Dream, I think you will find it quite enlightening.
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