[STD - 1v1] Cursed Tourney #2 [10k-100k] (Player/Staff Regs OPEN)

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Welcome to Cursed Tourney #2!

  1. 1v1
  2. Scorev2
  3. Rank 10k-100k
  4. International
  5. Double Elimination with Bracket Reset
  6. Quali into RO64
  7. RO64 - RO16 1 ban | QF - GF 2 bans
  8. EZ multiplier is x1.75
  9. Roll winner decides either first/second pick or first/second ban
  10. Roll loser decides procedure of the first/second for the remaining
  11. RO64/RO32/RO16: BO9
  12. QF/SF: BO11
  13. F/GF: BO13
  14. What matches are being streamed depends on the availability of the streamers.
  15. Registration close 15th May

  1. This is an international 1v1 double-elimination osu!standard tournament.
  2. The rank range is 10k - 100k after applying BWS. There will be no rank buffer. Players must be within the rank range by the end of the registration date.
  3. The relevant formula for BWS is rank^(0.9937^(badges^2)).
  4. Players must be 12 months free of restriction to play in tournaments.
  5. Commentators and streamers are allowed to play in the tournament if they fall within the other criteria.
  6. Players must be present on the discord.
  7. The Tournament will be played with Scorev2 and No Fail.
  8. The Players will have to qualify into RO64.
  9. All Match Times are in UTC.
  10. GF will be played with a bracket reset if applicable.
  11. Don't ask what happened to the first Cursed Tourney.

  1. All maps must be played with Score V2 and No Fail enabled. Warmups do not need to follow this rule.
  2. The Player first plays through a set of maps in the Qualifiers before advancing to the bracket stage. This will be played through a single time.
  3. The bracket format is double elimination. This means that there is a loser bracket, and that the GF could have a bracket reset.
  4. Players may choose a set of given times during qualifiers, or apply for an extra time provided that there is a ref which agrees upon the time.
  5. Mappools and Match schedules are announced in #announcements in Discord.
  6. Reschedules must be done at least 24 hours before your scheduled match time and the planned reschedule time.

  1. The Lobby will be created 15 minutes before the match starts and Players will receive an invite 5 minutes before the scheduled time.
  2. If you didn't receive an invite let the referee know through ingame-chat or Discord.
  3. There will be no warmups during qualifiers.
  4. Qualifiers are played in "Head-to-Head".
  5. The qualifiers are held in large lobbies with up to 16 players a lobby. Each lobby will have a Referee.
  6. The final seeding is based on the sum of each players rank of every map in the qualifiers mappool. A lower sum results in a better seeding.
  7. If two players have the same total sum, the sum of scores of the player is used to rank the player. A score results in a better seeding.
  8. If the previous two conditions are both equal, the players will be ranked according to the average BWS.

  1. Bracket Stages are played in "Team VS" and Scorev2 is enforced.
  2. The match lobby is going to get created by the Referee. He invites the players 5 minutes before the match starts.
  3. Players have a strict 10 minute grace to delay the match, if a player isn’t able to show up in 10 minutes after the scheduled time, the enemy player wins the match by default.
  4. Players have two minutes to ban and pick, if a player somehow goes over the timer by a longshot, the referee will decide what your death-sentence is.
  5. Maximal Warmup length: 4:30 min (you can also skip your warmup pick if you don't want to play it).
  6. Picks are not changeable after the player wrote the pick in the chat.
  7. If one player disconnects in the first 30 seconds of the map, the map is going to be replayed once.
  8. If one player disconnects multiple times in a match, the Referee has the decision to decide if a map is going to be replayed or not.
  9. Tiebreaker is FreeMod, doesn’t force the player to pick a mod.
  10. Streamers, Commentators and Designers are allowed to participate in the tournament.

  1. The following are the format and rough difficulty of the pools.
  2. The star rating may be adjusted to better represent the skills of the players as the tournament progresses.
  3. All displayed star ratings are of the NM1.

Mappool Format:

  1. Qualifiers - 4NM/2HD/2HR/2DT
  2. RO64 - 5NM/3HD/3HR/3DT/1TB - BO9
  3. RO32 - 5NM/3HD/3HR/3DT/1TB - BO9
  4. RO16 - 5NM/3HD/3HR/3DT/1TB - BO9
  5. QF - 5NM/4HD/4HR/4DT/1TB - BO11
  6. SF - 5NM/4HD/4HR/4DT/1TB - BO11
  7. F - 6NM/4HD/4HR/4DT/1TB - BO13
  8. GF - 6NM/4HD/4HR/4DT/1TB - BO13

Mappool Starrating:

  1. Qualifiers - 5.8*
  2. RO64 - 5.5*
  3. RO32 - 5.7*
  4. RO16 - 5.9*
  5. QF - 6.1*
  6. SF - 6.3*
  7. F - 6.5*
  8. GF - 6.7-6.8*

  1. All Schedules are in UTC+0.
  2. Registration close May 15th, Saturday 21:00 UTC.
  3. The pools are realeased around Sunday/Monday.

The pools will be played on the following dates:

  1. Qualifiers - May 22nd/23rd
  2. RO64 - May 29th/30th
  3. RO32 - June 5th/6th
  4. RO16 - June 12th/13th
  5. QF - June 19th/20th
  6. SF - June 26th/27th
  7. F - July 3rd/4th
  8. GF - July 10th/11th

1st Place: 3 Months of osu!Supporter
2nd Place: 1 Month of osu!Supporter
3rd Place: a goodnight kiss every day for 3 days

this is our 1st hosted tournament so please be gentle with us
deutsch gang

mija- wrote:

deutsch gang
deutsch gang
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RichBander wrote:

mija- wrote:

deutsch gang
deutsch gang
deutsche gang
idk what bws is lemme in

Taiko627 wrote:

idk what bws is lemme in
bws is the badge weighting system
so if you have tournament badges your rank is higher
but you don't have any so you can just register without worry

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RichBander wrote:

mija- wrote:

deutsch gang
deutsch gang
deutsche gang
stupid german gendering
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mija- wrote:

Dasoekwcoh wrote:

RichBander wrote:

mija- wrote:

deutsch gang
deutsch gang
deutsche gang
stupid german gendering
deutsche gang
what happened to the first Cursed Tourney
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hikimaruy wrote:

what happened to the first Cursed Tourney
do you really want to know?
Big Brayn
Pooler hype hype hype
Yo whats up
need refs pls

what happened to the first Cursed Tourney
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signups ending in 5 days :x
i guess we never know what happened with the first one
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