Dead zones in the easy mod icon. [duplicate]

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Easy mod icon is unclickable in some circumstances which might have something to do with the rank panels underneath but I dont have a clue. I couldn't get the other icons in the same vertical row to do this anomaly so it may or may not be present in other icons.

Is it reproducible? If so, explain the steps to do so:

1. Go to mod selection (I was in mania mode but does it in all the rest)
2. Toggle on & off easy mod and click outside of icon area in between toggles.
3. You'll find that some areas of the icon are unclickable.

Include any relevant video or screenshots, and hardware information for hard crashes or lag issues:
The entire vertical row of icons has these zones, but only when the scrollbar from the leaderboard is under where you click. Layer priority bug, I'm sure (osu! is chock full of these)
Confirmed it happened to me too, but I had to move the scrollbar under the icon otherwise this doesn't happen.
So yeah wrong layer priority bug as MillhioreF said
Also when it happen, moving the mouse up/down make the scroolbar/scoreboard move ^^"
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I just found it in confirmed after you posted it... woops
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