[osu!catch] M2U - The Prince of Darkness by ExGon

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Should M2U - The Prince of Darkness be Loved?

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M2U - The Prince of Darkness by ExGon
160 BPM, 1:49 | 5.79★, 7.79★

Captain's description (by Tenshichan):
Finally a new name that enters the Loved section! Just kidding, it's ExGon, and yet another old gem of his, this time with The Prince of Darkness.

The MixGon diff was created as early as 2012, whereas the other diff was created in 2015. The difficulties themselves are, as expected of older mapping, quite gimmicky and you would rarely see similar stuff being done in this day and age. The use of CS5 on both the diffs further intensifies this 'old map feeling'.

If you are not consistent enough at older mapping styles you will likely have trouble to do well on the map, especially because the difficulty is quite high. But the map itself is really fun and challenging to play, so I would definitely recommend to give it a try!

Please use this thread to discuss why you believe this map should or should not enter the Loved category!
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This map passed the voting! It will be moved to Loved soon.
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