[osu!mania] lapix - Carry Me Away (Extended Mix) by Evening

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Should lapix - Carry Me Away (Extended Mix) be Loved?

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lapix - Carry Me Away (Extended Mix) by Evening
175 BPM, 3:57 | 7.11★, 7.11★

Captain's description (by lenpai):
A Crowd favorite, Evening finally makes a comeback for this round with a major bop of a track and a hard banger of a chart.

At 175 BPM, the map makes good use of dense chord-streaming paired with occasional heavy LN usages of varying lengths and intensities; expect some bursts as well! The map overall has a very flashy visual flair serving as an amalgamation of many note-charting styles with it's usage of symmetry, laning, and repetition which is contrasted by the heavy variations in LN usage and chord-streaming.

If you're into something a little extra, the Airbound (Evening's Flip) difficulty has an abundance of SVs thrown into the mix heavily characterized by very strong bumps with a fair mix of teleports, slowjams, and granular speed changes, and even some fastjams.

Don't let those scare you though as these add up to the experience and a generally sight-readable one too. So what are you waiting for? Give this a shot and be prepared to get carried away!

Please use this thread to discuss why you believe this map should or should not enter the Loved category!
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This map passed the voting! It will be moved to Loved soon.
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