How long did it take you guys to get used to new playstyles?

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Took me a month
I'm slow :(
like 4 days orz
I got a tablet from a friend a week ago.

Took me only a day to get used to the navigation, but I'm having trouble adapting to keyboard since I was playing pure mouse before =.=

Thanks to the slow left hand I'm now nuked back to the stone age... oh well at least it's fun learning something new
1 Year, because i Suck.

1 Month
Sup A Noob
I switched from mouse to mouse-keyboard single to alternate tapping within my first two months of play. Until now I still suck.

It's been three years.
took me 3 months to beat my mouse scores after switching.
I've seen this topic somewhere...
Anyways, it took me 3 days to play at my mouse/kb level, and 1 month before I got comfortable with it.

Forgot the thread with tablet optimizations but...
1) osu! options-->Input-->"Enable OS TabletPC support" & make mouse sensitivity=1.0x
2) If you're using Windows, disable aero theme if it's on to reduce input lag
3) Download bamboo drivers, and mess around with the tablet area until you're comfortable (absolute tracking and forced proportions help)
Never again can go back to mouse after using tablet. :lol:
took me 1 day of about an hour, then I slept on it, and the next day I was beating my scores after about 3 hours. It also helps if you can put your tablet in a consistent place each time you play. For me it is aligned with my monitor's base and the edge of my desk. Good luck!
it took me about 30 minutes to move from mouse only insanes to tablet+keyboard insanes

if it took anyone any longer than this, they are a baby
Hours, But mastered it months
Was experimenting with mouse, and found that moving from mouse to tablet is kinda like changing DPI. I calculated my tablet's area to be about 233dpi, so I changed my mouse to match 2x of that as close as possible (about 670 dpi) and the transition back and forth is nearly effortless.
(I could set my mouse to 1:1 DPI with tablet, but it would require more energy as a mouse is heavier than a pen. 2:1 DPI still allows me to reliably hit jumps)
Alice S

BRBP wrote:

Lokovodo wrote:

So i ordered a good tablet
You ordered the cheapeast one.
Yes he did, but it's good.
it took me 2 days, 6 hours, 34 minutes, 21 seconds, and 142 ms

Jellyman wrote:

BRBP wrote:

You ordered the cheapeast one.
Yes he did, but it's good.
Please explain how it's good.

I've had / have many tablets since I use them outside of osu! too, that's one of the worst I've had. Surely a tablet isn't good to you just because you can adjust the tablet area?
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