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osu! Public Release (2007-09)

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Andrea wrote:

Winshley wrote:

Why not pack it without the beatmap songs? The file is too large especially since videos are bundled inside... :(

(It sucks to have an Internet connection with data limit... :cry:)
Here ->

Enjoy :)
Thanks a bunch! :)
Can't load bass_fx.dll
( ╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I guess there won't be some classic osu! gameplay for me.
I still have b337 for some offline mapping.

Peppy, i love you <3
almost two hours of gameplay and mapping
This is shocking, indeed. The game only allows you to play with purely mouse-only! I had trouble playing with mouse-only as I'm already too accustomed to playing with mouse+keyboard. :P
For compatible maps I am able to import all V3 maps without problems. V4 can be imported but need fixing (With actual osu! and this version open the map in the editor and coping the BPM and offset on the old version. When you exit the map will becaume V3 and be playable). V4 without fixing have buggy sliders. V5 simply can't be imported if a v5 map is in the folder it simply don't open. Same for any newer maps.

Re TOTAL EDIT : With messing on osu! file I got able to add V5 + maps but most of them are not playable due to buggy sliders.
For now the peppy's map "Make up Make up" is one of the V5 correctly working after fix I have ^^
(For importing V5 + maps you have to delete all lines starting with // from the osu file and all lines about sorryboards.)
REREEDIT : Some V4 already have the // lines on osu files and you need to delete them to for adding.
The nostalgia is off the chain peppy! :D

PS: Are you also gonna release the 010 version?

Edit: Mapped a map in this. Its really hard, but worth it! Heres the link:
Raging Bull
Do cutting sliders exist?

Raging Bull wrote:

Do cutting sliders exist?
Woooow I tried editor but it's pretty bad, now I know why realy old maps sliders have ugly shapes :o
I took a little video of me playing, the 1st map is not a V3 but I made it working ^^

Also, what's a "cutting slider" ?
Gonna test this this evening, I can't wait :)

Arnold0 wrote:

Woooow I tried editor but it's pretty bad, now I know why realy old maps sliders have ugly shapes :o
blame mappers for this, not editor. probably you just use weird grid level? 3 shapes ok for me o.o

XPJ38 wrote:

Gonna test this this evening, I can't wait :)
now you can add another screenshot to that signature of yours
I love whats listed in the changelog...

(*) Difficulty toned down drastically.
Like hell it was XD... I can't FC to save my life.
Can't...stop...trying to use keyboard keys. Also will be rank 1 with this in no time!
Omg, mapping is so hard there.

Respect to all the mappers of that time.
Gonna try this one asap. Always wondered how osu! was a few years ago.

Thanks peppy!
osu! in 2007.
Omg, will I be able to play this map ( properly with that build?

/me goes test
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