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Would also love to see this. Hope it's something that can be available to everyone not just tournament hosts.
I just requested this feature until I finally realized that the thread is here. Deleted my new request! Please make this happen :) I voted twice. For me it's not about viewing a single cursor, why not have all 4? Use different colors for all :D and we'll be complete. And for me it's not only spectate, why not also multiplayer replays?
Cool feature
Wow, nice idea m8 10/10

+1 sup.
Yes please
bump +1

Sir Minelli wrote:

I'm not sure if this was posted already or not. I couldn't find it on search.

Anyways it basically works like this:

When on multiplayer lobby, you check the current games that are being played. You right click the tab, and an option will appear saying: Spectate game.

You will then spectate the entire game, not just one single player. But every player and their respective scores.

This can be really nice for tournament purposes.

Edit: When you go to the spectate screen for example when on "head to head", only the cursor of the player that is currently in first place will appear. It WILL change if someone else takes the first place so...

You will have the option to click on a players score tab and the cursor will change to that player's instead.
If you do so, if someone else takes the first place, the cursor won't change to that player. You will have to click that players tab if you wish to see him.

This way we don't see the 8 cursors going all over the place.

For tag it works the same.

Works only for osu! standart.
This sounds awesome! I would also really like it so that way if I spec a friend in the Bancho menu who is currently in a multiplayer lobby, it will bring me to the multiplayer spec version, so I can see how he is doing and what other players scores are, without having to ask them what place they got after they are done from my curiosity.
would be a great way to properly watch tourny's ingame!
BUMP + A STAR!!! :3
spectating in #multiplayer must be added!!! ;w;
Button option for 'multiplayer spectate' must be shown from the lobby/list of multiplayer rooms...

right click multiplayer room > options: join // multiplayer spectate
the tournament client already accomplishes this, but as most people dont have the client and its usually just given away for a limited amount of time for certain people, i can see this request being helpful.

I guess the problems for this would be maybe bancho not being to handle sending game info and developing it.

Another problem is people like me who dont use fullscreen and use a small window, having my screen divided upon maybe 4 people may be hard to look at or keep track of.
+1 support from me this sounds funny would be great to see a real multi spectate
take all 50 of my stars
Sure. that would be cool
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