Replay Data and scoreboard deliver different Combocount?!

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Sorry if this is a well known problem, I'm kinda new to this game.

If I watch cookiezis replay of i see that his combo breaks off several times and he places fourth. However, if I watch the scoreboard he has placed first with a FC. How is this possible?
I've already seen this several times.

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easy, this is because of lag in your computer
Raging Bull
Replay is bugged. Some other replays are also like that. I forgot why though. I think it had something to do with the replay and how cursor moves.
I've seen something like this happen with my own scores. It said my max combo for a song I was playing was 650, but when I watched my replay I broke my combo at 500. And in another replay I watched, it said someone had a SS, when they actually had a few 100s. I don't know why it does that though.
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sonicxsmf wrote:

easy, this is because of lag in your computer
Nope, it isn't.
My PC could handle Osu! 5 times whilst rendering a high detailed video plus recording Battlefield 3 on Ultra.
Replays don't save every little cursormovement (try to make circular motions in a break sometime, and watch the replay afterwards).
It does record more points when playing, but it's still not 1:1, so sometimes very fast movements like in big black may cause sliderbreaks. (or something like that).
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