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Welcome to the osu!catch World Cup 2021 Discussion Thread.
Here you can discuss everything related to this year's biggest worldwide osu!catch tournament.

Notable changes for this year (subject to change):

  1. There are changes in mappool sizes. The Group Stage mappool will consist of 14 maps, Round of 16 and Quarterfinals will consist of 15 maps, Semifinals, Finals and Grand Finals mappool will consist of 16 maps, with this the size of the NoMod bracket will be 4 in Group Stage, 5 in Round of 16 and Quarterfinals and 6 for Semifinals, Finals and Grand Finals.
  2. NoFail is forced on every map.
  3. Warmups are removed from matches.

As always, we are also looking for commentators for this World Cup, so please contact either deadbeat or WalterToro if you are interested.
bring back warmups
bring back warmups
bring back warmups
bring back warmups
bring back warmups
bring back warmups
the moist socks
uh please bring back warm up, if you want, but it would be nice, not really sure why you would take them away, I think they were fun, but its not really up to me, but I liked them, so it would be nice if you brought them back, but feel free not to, how ever I think most of the community would like it if you did.
Bring back warmups
bring back warmups
bring back warmups 😡😡😡😡😡
bring back warmups
bring back warmups
bring back warmups
im gonna try and spark the discussion here but is there any reason why warmups were removed?

removing warmups would generally not help players who have issues on playing in tournaments and would instead fuck them over when put in the room without any sort of first unscored map

other than that, if the issue was the crunch time on groups, i think we have always managed every year by having only 3-4 min warmups max on early stages so why remove it in this year?

bring back warmups.

edit: also i believe no one wants to see warmups removed, itll just cause backlash on the community and its so fun to watch teams present what funnies they have this year, (ex. NL warmups) removing it would remove some of the entertainment value of the tournament in my opinion
bring back warmups
bring back warmups
I love my cat
bring back warmups
bring back warmups
bring back warmups
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