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This is a feature request. Feature requests can be voted up by supporters.
Current Priority: +0
A good addition to a player's website page would be a place where the player can feature a few of his scores.
It can be comparable to the list of top performances or the list of most played maps, but the maps would be chosen by the player. And a more fancy way to emphasize these maps seems appropriate.
I think this could be a lot more representative of which kind of player he really is.
Surely a lot of players are proud of a couple scores they made even though they don't get listed anywhere on their profile.
You can put anything you like in your profile. Just get supporter, go to your profile and click Edit
Why not change the top performances list so that it shows scores the player themselves chose ?

I'm going to say this is close enough to the same idea, it wont be a separate list but it accomplishes the same thing. Not sure if exact duplicate or not so will leave for now.
^That idea doesn't make much sense and just removes any value to the definition of "best performance", and also removes the only reference to the maps that you have the highest po on.

This idea is a duplicate of this. Support it if you want this idea.
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