[resolved] [confirmed] Playing maps in multiple collections always expands last one

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deadbeat wrote:

XPJ38 wrote:

Bug #6 (can't remove FavA and FavB) seems to be resolved. Can someone confirm?

deadbeat wrote:

[woc2006] Totally get rid of favouritesA/B, backup your cfg file if you still need them.
problem 6 fixed?
Damn I must be blind, sorry >.<

TheVileOne wrote:

I thought he added them back.

I am not sure that this is related to the FavA/B impossible deletion bug... Needs clarification.
Rei Hakurei
after i put some map to test into Favorites A from old build,
i tried with current build, and Favorite A removed from config.. automatically added to collections..

maybe it's combined between Favorites removal and migration,
I moved some bugs that are confirmed to be fixed in test build.

I can't test 2, not replicate 3. I think 3 is fixed if anyone can test it on test build.
I can't replicate 7 apart from that it removes the map from the collection. It doesn't crash in public nor test build.

1. Not being able to organize collections should be an issue to be fixed. You can't rename a collection and you can't organize them.

2. If you have text in the name box when you close, a collection is added. I did not consider typing text into a box as submitting a collection. Hitting enter makes the collection visible. I'm not sure why pressing close has the same effect as pressing Enter. Actually clicking any button adds a collection. I doubt this is intended.

3. <test build only> the + - buttons don't take the state of add mapset. Even though add mapset is unchecked by default, it will still add the entire mapset.

4. It's annoying to have to keep selecting Add Mapset for each song.

5. Managing collections button collapses the expanded collection list. This is unwanted behavior since there is no way of viewing which maps are in a collection from the collection window. Could you add a collection management feature similar to how osudirect is structured? I don't think a GUI less management system is the way to go.

6. Managing collections is horribly inefficient. I have to click manage collections for each map individually and then select add mapset, and select the collection. There needs to be a way to add or remove several maps within the same screen. The current method requires you change your sorts and filters. You can't use the search feature with collections filter.

7. It is impossible to find which collections contain a beatmap if you have a difficulty that isn't included with the collection selected. Even clicking on add mapset wont highlight the map. I think that if you click add mapset, it should show all collections that the selected difficulty is in regardless if that difficulty is added to any collection. It is slightly misleading that the game will say that the entire mapset isn't part of any collection when only a single difficulty isn't included. If this doesn't make sense, please include show options for any difficulty and all difficulties in the collection management window.

8. Don't bother including your WIPs into a collection. You will need to constantly readd them each time you make a change.

9. the game does not make it obvious that a song is being removed from a collection because of edited changes or updates. You could just look for a song via a collection one day and find that the song no longer appears in your list. I consider collections to be a more stable way to organize your beatmaps. The tendency to remove your beatmaps from collections without warning irks me. Please have the game readd beatmaps to collections after they get changed.

10. Pressing delete collection unselects the collection. If you select No, there will be no collections selected.More of an inconvenience than unintentional behavior.
why is this marked as duplicate. can someone please explain this?
I don't know. I fixed it.
I've addressed the add mapset issue in the latest test build.
The vast majority of these issues are either symptoms of other issues or resolved in the latest test build. Only two left.
I wouldn't be so sure. Even if all of the current issues are resolved in the test build, I wouldn't resolve this until the changes go public.
I'm not resolving it anyhow, there are still two (admittedly quite minor) issues remaining. And aren't we supposed to mark things as resolved once they're fixed on test?
Collection group is collapsed when I leave manage collection screen.
Steps to reproduce:
1. Choose any map in any collection
2. Go to Beatmap options - Manage collections
3. Close manage collections screen
4. osu! collapses collection group and scrolls up to top of collections list.

ps I'm sorry if this issue already posted somewhere but i did not find it.
Added that to the bug list. I can still replicate the other two issues.
Two of the three issues have been fixed, so the thread has been renamed to match the last one. The last one had an attempted fix, but the fix failed, as it still happens on latest test.
Changing gamemodes also selects last one.
I really hope this is getting fixed soon :D
For me this is the most annoying thing.
I agree with skritsch the main topic here still isn't fixed and this bug is the most frustrating bug in the game for me. It happens literally more than 20 times every time i play osu!. Would love to see a fix.

Dalvoid wrote:

I agree with skritsch the main topic here still isn't fixed and this bug is the most frustrating bug in the game for me. It happens literally more than 20 times every time i play osu!. Would love to see a fix.
Nothing would make me more happy then this fix. Its been a really annoying problem ever since the improved collection system was available. You can do this, go gogo!
Honestly, this issue has become far more annoying now that collections are forced into alphabetical sorting because before, we could create the collections in a specific order so the one we use the most would be the one expanded usually after a play, but since this is no longer the case, this issue is a much bigger problem. And we can't even rename them as a temporary fix to put them in the order we would like them. It's horrible.
Fixed on my end. Soon on test.
I've tested it multiple times, it seems like the focus will return to the correct Collection after playing a map.

However, accessing the Collection Menu (F3) at song select will make the Collection Collapse. If current Collection is expanded again, the focus will return to the correct map again.

Minor issue but can be annoying at times...
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