Bu Shi Hua Huo Ya - Yun Luo

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 25 April 2021 at 17:59:34

Artist: Bu Shi Hua Huo Ya
Title: Yun Luo
Tags: moonlightleaf vivicat chinese pop fall down
BPM: 130
Filesize: 8451kb
Play Time: 03:12
Difficulties Available:
  1. moonlightleaf's Hard (2.93 stars, 386 notes)
  2. Ni Li Kai Le (3.45 stars, 459 notes)
  3. Normal (1.67 stars, 238 notes)
  4. vivicat's Light Insane (3.43 stars, 461 notes)

Download: Bu Shi Hua Huo Ya - Yun Luo
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
不是火花呀 - 陨落

BG Source:

Ni Li Kai Le by Me
vivicat's Light Insane by vivicat
moonlightleaf's Hard by moonlightleaf
Normal by Me

Thank you Cheri and Garden for nominations!
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