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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Saturday, January 15, 2022 at 1:53:47 PM

Artist: Usada Pekora
Tags: klaksoncakfish soncak dooe -doodle ホロライブファンタジー video game dig delight direct drive dj d4dj groovy mix gurumiku グルミク グルーヴィーミクス rhythm オリジナル vtuber バーチャル ユーチューバー えいりな刃物 eiri7hamono 湯浅順司 Sizuk Entertainment キング関口台スタジオ King Sekiguchidai Studio 石井満 Mitsuru Ishii よる。 Yoru. 俊龍 畑亜貴 Aki Hata hololive production ホロライブ J-Pop jpop japanese pop
BPM: 175
Filesize: 17791kb
Play Time: 01:49
Difficulties Available:
  1. INSANE (4.71 stars, 434 notes)
  2. NORMAL (2.16 stars, 224 notes)
  3. RANDOM (5.75 stars, 530 notes)
  4. SONCAK'S HARD (3.47 stars, 343 notes)

Download: Usada Pekora - PEKORANDOMBRAIN!
Download: Usada Pekora - PEKORANDOMBRAIN! (no video)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

Watch the MV on Pekora's Channel

MP3: Sourced by Me
Background: by Raijuu
Metadata: This
Hitsounds: by -Doodle
INSANE - Balls
HARD - soncak
Ranked on Jan. 26 2021

Update #1.10: (1/15/22)
> Red lines I thought I added before
> Turns out I haven't added them yet so I added them
> Turns out it caused alot of timing issues
> Removed the red lines I thought I added before that I added after that caused timing issues

Update #1.9: (1/3/22)
> fieryrage modded poggers

Update #1.8: (10/27/21)
> Added official video!
> Mods from Yahuri resolved
> A bit of hs changes (particularly regarding drum-hitclap)

Update #1.7: (10/18/21)
> A bit of feedback from Nevo

Update #1.6: (10/16/21)
> Update for [SONCAK'S HARD]
> Some metadata changes
> Mods addressed

Update #1.5: (10/14/21)
> Volumes for all diffs adjusted
> Finished [INSANE] diff
> Added combo colours now that we have new BG
> Ready for Rank!

Update #1.4: (10/13/21)
> Diff names are adjusted for theme
> -Doodle's hitsounds added
> Insane diff is 68% done
> Currently looking for a better BG, which if you happen to read this and happen to think of a pretty good one, you can PM me the source and I'll use it

Update #1.3: (10/9/21)
> soncak made a hard GD he is now a certified vtuber mapper
> progress on insane diff

Update #1.2: (10/4/21)
> Timing change by 9ms
> Finished [Normal] diff

Update #1.1: (10/2/21)
> Timing change by 9ms
> Progress on [Normal] diff

Update #1.0: (9/26/21)
> Revived Map
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