Hai! i need sum friends :3

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Hi! my name is Dens, nice to see you all!
first of all, im from Indonesia and kinda suck at english. I like to playing some tech map. And olso i like to playing old pattern map that sucked timing but kinda good for the flow (Now days sotarks make it and kind cool). I like to use dt, ez, hd mods, they so freaking cool dude (ㆁωㆁ) ive been playing this game for a year rn. Past three months before, i am too adicted to this game but for now ive been little bit trying to maintain it to be not too adicted (ya cause i have a jobs for several time). Six months ago, when i write this subforum, i have setted 180pp (for now its down to 178pp cause the pepe and star rate re works) and when i edited this subforum, i have setted 241pp (i dont know how but hey its a once in a lifetime score, kinda hard to try make it to ss or even play it close to that unreal score ngl) and ya, not too fast for improving as shesh :D For right now, ima quit for farming and just playing for fun as what my mood gonna command me to be like what. Still imrove in stamina for stream. Ah ya, my play style was Ring + Index and ima using black switches. I use mouse and pentablet (but mow im fully using mouse cause i dont have that pentablet for rn) Thanks.

Feel free dm me to mutual stuff :D
I added you feel free to add me back. You are on your way to becoming a rhythm champion :)
welcome to the forums
I need friends too MaN so you can add me back
Hello! I’ll add u if u want ^^ hope u have fun!
Add me, let's play some lobbies together
Welcome to forums :D
i added u, feel free to add me back
Hi Dens! Add me, we can play together!
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Om my god, ima kinda forget about this subforum. Anyway i added you all back :) nice to see you all ✧\(>o<)ノ✧
I have no problems with that. Welcome to the forums. Note that I'm active almost every day.
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