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For the new players out there, clearing 4 lines at once gives a lot more score than clearing singles or doubles. You also get more score on easier levels, which means your max score will be a lot better than if you rush to last levels and try to build it up there.

I don't have enough time to play a full game now (late) so I'll just upload a quad-clear-only play of the first level to contribute something.

Edit2: nvm, too late
oh man that's a short time limit, I'm going to have to do this tomorrow night

I will just livestream a play and link to the highlight video but I'm not good at this game so it'll be short
Heyyy this again, I hope this can get further than last time :P

Will be in next game, I hate tetris more than anything in the world (prob cuz I suck at it)

I got this far and then got bored of it ):

I just woke up, gonna add you guys soon.
It's not an official run, it was a dry run to make sure my controller was working properly etc. So I didn't stream it

This is easier than I remember, so I might do it tomorrow night (about 22 hours from now
crap! I can only do this during weekend :(

Hopefully everything runs smoothly and upload in time...

There's no in game time limit right (eg highest score in 30min max)?
on my second attempt: 242537

groovy soundtrack

also holy shit that pause tactic, never thought of that

you got the first place bro

Mara wrote:

or anything that would be counted as cheating.
So we CAN pause? So we're allowed to spam pause in later levels?
When I'm talking about cheating, I'm talking about stuff like 3rd party tools or game genies.

unless majority will disagree, then we will just roll this way for now
I am the absolute worstris
30000 not even going to upload a video it's that bad
Let them cheat then, their low APM costs them so much score anyway.

249'716 without pause cheating.

Gratz, you got 1st place for now.
Weekend started, so I am expecting more plays now.
Bet they're waiting till' Sunday evening so that I don't have enough time to improve my score if they beat it.
I just don't know if I'm interested enough to do this; I'm not going to break 250k as it is and I don't think I can make Tetris entertaining
Ah crap I knew things won't go smoothly as planned =.=

How did you guys record your videos? I can't get FRAPS to work with either fceux or Jnes. The only option left for me is to stream with XSplit, but it's gonna be eye cancer (320x240 max) with my upload speed sigh...
record offline with OBS maybe
I tried streaming with XSplit and to my surprise, the quality is quite acceptable. I was able to stream at higher resolution than other game, probably because in this version of Tetris, only half of the screen is active (majority of the time) and the colour elements are quite primitive.

I think I'll stick to XSplit for time being. Time for some Tetris!


Mara's PERKELE Challenge - Tetris

Final Level: 12
Final Score: 290458

Gosh... when was the last time I played this game? Rusty is an understatement. I managed to corner myself (unnecessarily) so many times throughout the game, but I was lucky enough to wiggle out of it.

Fatigue kicked in after Level 9 and you can see tons of mistake. It was a miracle to survive till Level 12 in that state =.=

Sure brings back the memory though :)

Link to Twitch TV Stream (does this count?)

Score Snapshot:
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