Sasaki Sayaka - Yume to Iro de Dekiteiru

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 2021年5月5日 at 4:25:59

Artist: Sasaki Sayaka
Title: Yume to Iro de Dekiteiru
Source: 夢と色でできている
Tags: yume to iro de dekiteiru eroge op opening visual novel feng 8th video game japanese 堀江晶太 Horie Shouta pop jpop j-pop gazimal dkblaze
BPM: 167
Filesize: 9331kb
Play Time: 04:39
Difficulties Available:
  1. gaziblaze's Collab Insane (4.63 stars, 1037 notes)
  2. I'll take you and everything you've got with me. (5.12 stars, 1254 notes)

Download: Sasaki Sayaka - Yume to Iro de Dekiteiru
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Our Times made of dreams and colors.

gaziblaze's Collab Insane - gazimal dkblaze

top diff - me

hitsound - gazimal

BG from game -
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