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Silver Sky
Streamsssss D:

Oh man this map is a beast

EDIT: Hell yes, +98k over my previous best on this.

ha ha ha i suck

gloveplay babeeeeeeeeee
Silver Sky
Yolomania is the best mapset for 4K ;w; :)
So happy about this; I still can't believe I pulled it off.

lovely lovely darling

osu!mania Lv.13 EOS
Could have SS'ed this, the last measure screwed me up badly because I panicked.

osu!mania Lv.19 Exile
Should be able to 990k this fairly soon.

osu!mania Lv.20 Crystal World ~Fracture~
I played this in LongGone's house lol. My MAX accuracy is bad because I wasn't used to the monitor.

osu!mania Lv.04 Magical Love Words
My best accuracy on this one. Looking to get less 300s in the future.
Here's a couple of mine:

Stamina :3

Speed ^^

Imperishable Night 4K insane rank 1 liveplay by me :)

more speed and stamina ^^

Awesome play Staiain!

I also got some scores today >w<

osu!mania meme by CalamitySKS ----> Download This Song Here
4 200s 5 Miss
Some noodles for you guys. Accuracy is really WTF on this one.

osu!mania Lv.20 水晶世界 ~Fracture~
316 300s and 4 200s Full Combo
Improved score >w<! I can SS this eventually. The 3 200s at the very beginning tho.

osu!mania Ayane - Endless Tears... [CrossOver]
I like how all the other players were saying, including myself that this entire song is cancer (mindblock after many attempts).
Sylveon and Staiain are good.

Got decent scores, mainly on Tenshi:
Full Version

Short Version
I am not that good at mania but I really like this song and this play was satisfying!

Ice - Entrance [4k hard]

We have made Top9 of Russian Community. No information for non-russian players until 0:50 :lol:

Also there are a little collab :D

Silver Sky
Some stamina training :)
Lot of acc drop at the end, I still need to train more :o

Took three videos that I felt like sharing in this thread:

HAELEQUIN - INF: 99.18%; this is rank 1 as of 3/1, but I do foresee getting knocked out by someone better than me with an equally lucky run.

MEGITSUNE - 4K MX: 100.00%!: first SS recorded on this song, yay!

Dear You - S.Star's 4K HD+: 100.00 + 13 300s: did this as a result of Ez2Dj_7144's low-difficulty accuracy dan -- the scary thing is that this doesn't meet the requirement (999,740). Given that the max on a song is 1,000,000 and I got 999,624 with 13 300s, it looks like the target is 9 or so...
Since the 7K is too difficult for me at the time, I made this XD

Haven't gotten highlight-worthy stuff on stream until now, I guess I could share these in this thread:

Wrist Jacking Compilation: Sewing Machine / Angelic Layer / Conflict - Sewing Machine is good but improvable, Angelic Layer is okay, Conflict is really good. I'll probably try to get a 99 run on Angelic Layer soon, have to do really good on the first half though...

HAELEQUIN [INF] DoubleTime 94.99% - I've been trying to get an S on this for a while - I was both surprised and disappointed that I was essentially the closest I can get to an S at this point (not including 95.00 As). Soon.
I'm not particularly good, but i have uploaded some of my replays, so here are some.
Also, sorry about the framerate, my pc isn't that good.

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