Nekomata Master+ - squall [Osu|Taiko]

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Sunao Yoshikawa
awesome. cool hitsound!
\:D/ Really great mapset!

Wooo, finally!
╭( ・ㅂ・)و
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thanks :3
And grats TKS for nice taiko maps ╭( ・ㅂ・)و
congrats~ _wa,TKsalt :)
Congrats on qualified, just some suggestions from me, prolly just for future maps of yours.

00:22:940 (3,5) Etc, etc - The hitsounds here and in all the similar parts (especially the ones with circles only) are barely hearable and don't represent the given rhythm adequately. Or rather, the rhythm doesn't represent the hitsounds. You followed the background beat way too much in the whole part, forgetting that it is not strong enough to give it the same impact as the mapped main beat. Right now it feels like the part is cluttered with unnecessarily placed circles and sliders since they don't represent nor support any beat but the background 1/2 spamming. I'd rather advise to focus on the main beat and build it up step by step or add some fitting hitsounds so it doesn't feel so empty. You just can't 'trick' people like this with the rhythm, leaving a false impression that you actually fulfilled the beat correctly. No idea if it would work since I didn't check in the editor, but bringing back the drum hitsound set would probably help a little. I have no idea why you changed that to soft in the first place. Hope you get what I'm saying.

Well, the upper caught my attention and I'm here because of it, but I've noticed two more things so why not pick it up.

00:21:414 (2,3,4,5) - The polarity is really meh in this one. will come handy.

Also throughout the map the streams had a pretty wide range of spacing, changing up basically at random (I don't mean the parts where you've done that on purpose). The map felt a bit messy because of that. Backing off with the distance spacing in the jumps or basic patterns is usually fine when done correctly, but in streams it should be kept. Without it they simply look ugly most of the time, unless they're are tricky or weird on purpose or there's some abrupt change in the music.

I still enjoyed the map, some parts just could've been better.

Keep calm and luv Nekomata Master.
Raging Bull
awesome map!


the offset should be +9 or +11 ms maybe
BAT please check the offset ;w;
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Once again thanks ^^

@fartownik: Thanks for Your suggestions, I'm really happy when someone points out things that could be better. I hope my new maps will be better ;)

@Mickey: Hm, for me it's ok, but i'll ask BAT about it.
Congrats ;)
Dafaq, i remember this ;w;... Grats!
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