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Irone OSU
This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 2021年5月30日 at 12:48:23

Artist: Kisaragi Rumii
Title: Yoru ni Kakeru -THE HOME TAKE ver.- (Cut Ver.)
Tags: Vocal jpop J-pop Japanese synth-pop Hong Kong 香港Vtuber HKVtuber 如月瑠美 rumiikisaragi Mica BASA cover yoasobi racing into the night 幾田りら ikuta rira lilas ayase 如月ルミィ virtual youtuber the book XSCL-50 Faputa itsrumiinous rumii48kHz
BPM: 115
Filesize: 4990kb
Play Time: 01:40
Difficulties Available:
  1. Easy - 4Key (1.11 stars, 245 notes)
  2. Fapu's Normal - 4Key (1.47 stars, 408 notes)
  3. Hard - 4Key (2.17 stars, 652 notes)
  4. Insane - 4Key (2.76 stars, 797 notes)

Download: Kisaragi Rumii - Yoru ni Kakeru -THE HOME TAKE ver.- (Cut Ver.)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

夜に駆ける -THE HOME TAKE ver.-

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Background: YKNゆきの - 羅宋湯ww
Audio edited by Faputa
Easy by Me
Normal by Faputa
Hard by Me
Insane by Me

17/2/21 Added hitsound/self mods
17/2/21 Added Fapu's diff
18/2/21 Self mods
19/2/21 fapu applies mod
27/2/21 applied Dubstek's mods
2/3/21 applied Dubstek and GoldenJumper's (famoss 1/2) mods
3/3/21 dub's mods update
5/3/21 dub's mods update 2
7/3/21 insane update
7/3/21 applied remaining mods from GoldenJumper and Dubstek and FAMoss
11/3/21 applied new offset and fixed hitsound
14/13/21 made some changes to graces
16/3/21 Deleted HS diff and applied dub's mods
17/3/21 applied deta's mods
18/3/21 fapu's diff update
19/3/21 hard diff update
20/3/21 hard diff update 2.5
21/3/21 update idk
24/4/21 I'm so fucking lazy I hate myself
17/5/21 dub's mods update
21/5/21 dub's mods more update
22/5/21 poke's mods update
28/5/21 ATing's mods update
30/5/21 Dub's reply update
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