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and also savelog irc
18:11 FunnyA: Hello~ can i ask to you about modding?
18:11 FunnyA: hmm if you're have time.. can you help me to modding it?
18:11 *FunnyA is listening to [https://osu.ppy.sh/b/1521409 NCT DREAM - Walk you home]
18:12 FunnyA: i have read your modding policy :)
18:12 FunnyA: but i am not force you to do it
18:16 Andrea: I might give it a look later but can't promise anything ><
18:16 FunnyA: okay hehe
18:17 FunnyA: i know that mek promise is so hard.. you know XD
18:17 FunnyA: anyway, thank you for your help :)
18:18 FunnyA: *make
18:19 FunnyA: have you received much request from others now?
18:21 Andrea: a few requests, not too many overall
18:21 Andrea: my Alumni title is a good cover :)
18:22 FunnyA: alumni? hohoho XD
18:23 FunnyA: wow.. you have much beatmap that you created (y)
18:25 Andrea: yeah ^^
18:25 FunnyA: how long you make it all?
18:26 FunnyA: we have give unlimited to make a map. that's amazing
18:26 FunnyA: but i have one rank map. that's so hard :(
18:27 Andrea: well... I map since a lot of time XD
18:27 FunnyA: and you have much experience than me
18:28 FunnyA: btw, i have watched that you play on this map XD
18:28 *FunnyA is listening to [https://osu.ppy.sh/b/1527847 NCT DREAM - My First and Last]
18:28 FunnyA: on #2
18:30 Andrea: oh, I remember that map yeah xD
18:31 FunnyA: what is your opinion about that map hehe
18:31 Andrea: quite simple but fun to play :D
18:32 FunnyA: i think many people in osu is dislike that song :(
18:32 FunnyA: it's my first ranked XD
18:32 FunnyA: thank you~
18:33 FunnyA: i think you are friendly and easy going when i talk with you :)
18:33 Andrea: thanks :D
18:33 Andrea: I try to be open as much as I can!
18:33 FunnyA: hehehe uwu
18:33 FunnyA: are you busy now?
18:35 Andrea: gonna eat soon :3
18:38 FunnyA: what's food do you eat? it's tasty hehe
18:38 Andrea: pasta today o/
18:40 FunnyA: la pasta ~~
18:41 FunnyA: "andrea" is it your real name or just username?
18:42 Andrea: real name
18:43 FunnyA: what a nice your name

Ready for rank~
Please 🙇🙇

Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/Vsc5nCr
(She doesn't look like my sister)

Map: https://osu.ppy.sh/beatmapsets/758749#osu/1595879

Thanks! :)

my map: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/790979
thanks .-.

NM : https://osu.ppy.sh/beatmapsets/786198/#osu/1650427

Thanks in any case, this was fun #sorryandrea
Hi Natsu~! >w<)/

M4M please


Thanks in advance~!
maybe song will intrest you do do more nm?


reviving from graved, kindly appreciated if you could
have a good day
k closed

I need a BG for this song: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/786498

The BG needs to be a free licensed one, I need a Gumi BG

If you find one, I'll mod ur map.
Do the dimensions matter (apart from the having a close to 1920x768 ratio)?
a decent size, it needs to be a free to use one
Should it be close to a 1920x768 resolution, or can it be bigger sized image at long as the length is bigger?

Sorry, it was inevitable. Hahahahahahahaha.
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