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Thanks everyone for your support. I am happy that you think that this guide will be helpful, and I hope this guide will be of help to new mappers.

Also, thanks D33d for posting information I was missing on hitsounds and difficulties. Since I am slightly busy right now, I just linked your post in the guide. In the future, I might try to provide a quick summary above, so the text is not as overwhelming (then again, most of those things are important and hard to cut....)
Nice guide, skimmed through it and seems fine

EDIT: But the special terms are already in the wiki I believe.
Thanks so much for the guide ..really appreciate it ^_^
.. now i'm gonna start working on my beatmap this gonna be tough ~~~~
Love the guide Yoshiiii, thank you! :)
Thanks a lot blissfulyoshi for this awesome tutorial. I wanted to ask a question:
Can't we just calculate the BPM of the song using some BPM calculating software like 'BPM Counter' or 'MixMeister BPM Analyzer', and just use that value for the song in the beatmap? Of course, we'll have to adjust the Offset, but won't such a method save us from a lot of trouble? I haven't modded any beatmap yet, so it is possible that I may be saying totally absurd stuff, but still, I just wanted to put forward my point. :oops:
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sbstratos79: Yes, automated tools do work for simple BPMs, but they might be inaccurate or there might be multiple BPMs. As a result, you should try to learn the skills to find and verify the BPM.
Ok, thanks for the help. :D
Sword Hunter
YOSHI you rocks, this forum really help, thank you so much :)
it didn't help it just made me even more confused help!! :shock::shock::shock::(:?:(:(:?:?

Anime_Killer wrote:

it didn't help it just made me even more confused help!! :shock::shock::shock::(:?:(:(:?:?
Look for osu!academy videos. They're much, much clearer.
I didn't know Insane diff had to played a certain way, don't get me wrong I give credit to those who can play a insane, but realistically some insane diffs are at a boundary that even Elite Beat Agents and Ouendan wouldn't even go to. not everbody can react that fast
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I just gave general guidelines on how hard something should be at minimum. The maximum is whatever the mapper decides to be, but whether or not that setting actually works for your perception of the song, is up to you.
Alpha SS Blood
When ever I try to upload my beatmap, it just says Creating Package. I don't get what that means. I also added a video in my beatmap and followed the exact rules from your 'How to add a Video' forum so I don't know if it's the video that's causing it....It won't let me type in the Creator's Words or chose the top boxes either.
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Creating a package is mostly creating the osz file everything is packaged in, but this is a frequent area where people get stuck. For now, take out the video, and do the upload (the larger filesize makes the process take longer).

As for why you can't click on the boxes, I am not sure.

blissfulyoshi wrote:

Welcome everyone. Thanks for trying to contribute to the community by mapping on osu!. This guide is meant to guide you in the right direction when mapping. While this won't give you exact answers, it should give you a way to answer your questions. If you want a similar video guide, please check the osu! academy video ( It covers slightly different stuff, but it should help you getting started.

Lost in this guide?
If you are ever lost in this article, I highly advise that you ask questions on #modhelp. If you can't get an answer there, you can ask on general questions, but do not expect fast responses.


Starting Out:
Because beatmapping has so many special terms, you should probably get used to certain terminology:
  1. BPM: beats per minute
  2. Offset: ms difference between the synchronization of the osu! timeline and music
  3. sv = slider velocity = speed of slider in respect to BPM (sv is a multiplier of BPM)
  4. ds = distance snap = button that enforces distance spacing, the spacing between notes with respect to sv (distance spacing is a multiplier of sv) (for the purpose of the guide I'm going to use distance snap and distance spacing interchangeably since not many people know the difference)
  5. cs = circle size = size of the circles in beatmaps

If it is your first beatmap, do not try to map things you can't play test. If you don't know how insane maps are supposed to be played, you will probably make horrible insane diffs. Following this idea, you should know how more difficult maps play before mapping one.
On a similar note, if you don't know how jumps are supposed to be used, do not go crazy with them. Using 1.5x-2.0x distance snap for areas that need that emphasis in the music

When you first start mapping, your first challenge is timing your map. To learn how to time a map, check t/121202. If you have problems finding the timing after looking at the guide, feel free to ask on #modhelp or post on t/13795 or another timing queue

Slider Velocity, Circle Size, and Distance Spacing:
After timing the map, your next step is to set your sv, ds, and cs. These 3 values are very closely related because ds is a multiplier of sv and ds should be large enough that are no overlaps between most notes. To accommodate these settings, you want all 3 of these items to fit both of your mapping style, your song, and your note density. In general here are some guidelines you should follow:

Distance Spacing: 0.8x - 1.2x
  1. Depending if you want sliders to feel faster or slower than the rest of your map

Circle Size: 2-5
  1. People tend to dislike small circle sizes, so it is very common these days to see insane diffs with 3-4 for circle size

Slider Velocity: high enough so that most spaced notes do not overlap each other (General guidelines below)
  1. Easy: At least fast enough that a note every 2 white ticks would not overlap when Distance Snapped
  2. Normal: At least fast enough that a note every white tick would not overlap when Distance Snapped
  3. Hard: At least fast enough that a note every white tick would not overlap when Distance Snapped
  4. Insane: At least fast enough that a note every red tick would not overlap when Distance Snapped
  5. Make sure that the slider velocity fits the song

How to access each setting:

How to map:
There is no one right way to map, but in general, have a good mix of sliders and circles that fit with the map. If you have no idea as to how you want your map to look, play or mod more beatmaps and find out what techniques you like and dislike. From there, add together all of the things you like to form your beatmap.
In general, if you are mapping easier difficulties, use distance snap a lot. If you are mapping harder diffs, you can use distance snap less and add more small jumps where they fit (only add larger jumps when appropriate). Just try to make your mapping clean, neat, and most importantly, fit the song.

If you are wondering how to make good sliders, check out: t/37194
For some pointers on how to arrange your difficulties, check out:

Kiai Time:
Kiai Time is the name of the section where things stars becoming bright and sparkly with stars. To access this fun feature, you can add a timing section to enable /disable it. Just make sure that you don’t use it excessively (try to have less that ⅓ of the map have kiai timing)

Hitsounding can be done at any time during the mapping process. Some mappers put them in while mapping, while others put them in at the end. The choice is yours.
In general, you should hitsound in a pattern of sorts. If you can't think of one that works for your map, a clap every 2nd and 4th beat works for a lot of songs. In the end, just make sure your hitsounds work with the song the way you want it to (There are many schools of hitsounding, some emphasize the beat and some create their own rhythm. Find the one that works best for you)

For a much more detailed guide on hitsounding, please go here:
If you don't like the default hitsounds, you can get custom hitsounds from

Setting A Preview Point:
While mapping your map, you probably want to set a preview point (where the song starts playing if they select your map from song select). To do that simply go to the point you want to be a preview point, and go to Timing -> Set Current Position as Preview Point.

Submitting A Map:
Once you are done with your map, you will probably want to submit it. To do that, go to the editor, and press File-> Upload beatmap to reach a screen that will guide you in submitting your map.

Getting Your Map Ranked:
After submitting your beatmap, you probably want to get your map ranked so the masses can enjoy it, so on osu!, we try to guarantee the quality of beatmaps through our modding process. As a result, you will have to find people to look through your map and give suggestions. If you have questions on this procedure, please look here: . If you need a final checklist of what to check over in your own map before sending it to be reviewed by others, please read

While beatmapping, you might encounter various problems doing various things, so this section is dedicated to solving those problems:

Cutting/Editing your mp3:
If you need to simply cut/amplify/fade in/fade out your mp3, please use
If you need to do very exact cuts to your mp3, follow
If you need to re-encode your mp3, use foobar2000 (guide coming soon)

Re-encoding/muting your video:
If your video file is not a silent .avi file under 24mb. follow


That is the end of this guide. I know this guide is a little vague, but I hope you know where to find the solutions to your questions now. If you have any more questions, please ask on #modhelp or general questions. (On a side note, everyone with powers is free to edit this guide however they wish)
Improve formatting
Add pictures
Add information on hitsounds
Does TV Size really need a video.. since it's impossible to get a video since no matter what file i make it and what i name it , it doesn't work
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Nothing has to have a video, but it is usually nice to have a video for players to watch. As for getting video to work, since you have problems with the guide, ask me when I am online again and I'll be happy to help you.
Thanks a lot! It's great I am so glad you cleared so much up for me.
i had something on my userpage on how to start out mapping, more like the road you should take rather than just general mapping tips
if u wana add it go ahead :D

How to start out as a new mapper
  1. If you're new and want to start out mapping, but have no idea what to do, you can follow these 3 main steps.
  2. First of all, learn the basics to mapping. What i mean is like timing your map, putting hitobjects, beatsnap divisor, etc. Just basically getting used to all the tools in editor. there are some videos on youtube that can help you get started. There is also a sub-forum that contains tons of guides which you can also ask questions there. link. Or you can check out Garven's userpage which i think has some useful tips. After you think you're comfortable with your knowledge of mapping, you can start out to creating your first beatmap! Do not expect to get it ranked without a few remaps.
  3. After you've made your first beatmap, your next step is to finds mods for it. Mods will basically tell you what you are doing wrong, further expanding your knowledge of mapping. Now you're asking yourself; "how on earth do find mods?". Well personally i would recommend you checking out the modding queues sub-forum. Be sure to read the queue's rules and only post when the modding queue is open. But unless you're some kind of ninja, the chances of getting a slot for NM (Normal Mod) is quite low as people will swarm them in less than 10 minutes. Luckily, there are almost always M4M (Mod for Mod) queues open at all times. Where quite literally, you mod their map and they mod yours. This is the most beneficial for you. Not only do you get to practice your own modding, you also get to learn off analyzing other people's maps, and study their patterns. Not to mention how you get a mod for your own mapset too!. This process should take up to months, but after that, you should have a good enough understanding of mapping to make rankable maps, and, hopefully by the end of this you would have your first ranked map!
  4. The last step is to refine your knowledge of mapping into your own style. Usually this step comes when you find out that no matter what you do, you yourself do not like your own mapping. That is good because that means you are trying to improve. Hopefully by now you've found yourself a mapper that you absolutely look up to. The mapper who inspires you to map. Or maybe even just some maps you really really like. Now what you do is just spend periods studying their maps, and try to copy their patterns and styles. You will know that you have gotten past this stage once you realize that you no longer hate your own maps.
  5. Congratulations, you have now came from a complete beginner to a unique mapper with your own unique style. Note that step 3 may happen more than once, but that is just you trying to improve your own mapping! From now on what you should to is focus on expressing the song further and better than you have ever before. Every new map should be better than the old one.
  6. To all you mappers; Good luck, and don't forget to have fun.
I think I need serious help with making my beatmap ranked, I made the slider velocity 2.0 cause I thought it fit the song, but I think it's too fast for normal mode. Other than that, I think my beatmap matches the rhythm and the timing is perfect. I have no other concerns, that I know of. I would appreciate help/opinions/suggestions from any modder. :D
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