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I've had no problems running the game for over a year now but suddenly I am getting a lot of frame drops while playing in fullscreen while my frames are completely fine in windowed mode.

I tried with and without compatibility mode, I have 'optimal' frame limiter but have tested all the options, I do not have vsync on in game or within my GPU settings and I've tried different resolutions.

I'm completely lost on what to do, other games seem fine on my PC.

osu! version: Stable 20201229.2 (latest)
Mr Arvi
i (kind of) had the same issue
- i wasn't able to open my options on top of the lag

the hard lag just came out of ne where and stopped once i was out of fullscreen

-> but when i set it back to fullscreen the lag seemed to be gone for good

if you have some time and don't know what to do try saving all your skinns, maps and maybe replays
and the uninstall/reinstall the game (at least that's what i did before changing from full screen to windowed and back again)

since noone with actual knowlege seems to answer thats the only thing i can do to help, sorry :D
Explosive Fart
if you are using a wacom tablet make sure you have windows ink turned off, it will be in your tablet settings.
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