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If you look at my top plays 4 out of the 5 are A’s with high acc which is terrible. I have super bad consistency and I am always choking at the ends of maps. I’m seeing if anyone has any good 4.4-4.7 star maps good for building up consistency. Preferably 3-5 minutes long. Any help would be highly appreciated.
High 4* 3-5 minutes, you may check my top 100.
It's full of those.
If you choke at the end of the maps only, then it's likely just nerves so nerve control is what you should focus on.
It's your nerves. I honestly wouldn't worry about those scores because the accuracy is great. Just keep playing more of those 4 star maps and you're good.


Good way to get rid of choking because of pressure is to start paying less attention to your pp.

Skill is what ultimately matters.

- certified beta loser, me.

Okay but for real though: this early on you shouldn't focus too much on a couple misses you got on easy parts of a few maps, but maybe you should focus into getting more of those great acc 4* scores. There is a literal shitton of 100-200pp maps out there. Focusing on a couple shitmiss A scores won't really take you anywhere.
If you keep playing the same map again and start comboing all the parts, but miss in differend places, eventually you fc it. Just have to hit all the circles, you've done it already just not at the same play.
You know when you're hitting the parts you weren't suppose to hit and then your hands started to sweat before the map ends? YEAH I FEEL THAT. WE'RE THE SAME LOL
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