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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Friday, April 2, 2021 at 6:09:05 PM

Artist: Akiyama Uni feat. JUN
Title: Chitei ni Saku Bara
Source: 東方憑依華 ~ Antinomy of Common Flowers.
Tags: a rose blooming in the underworld th15.5 koishi komeiji 古明地 こいし Palace of the Earth Spirits 地霊殿 Chireiden Twilight Frontier Tasofro 黄昏フロンティア U2 ZUN 東方project touhou hyouibana team shanghai alice Instrumental Video Game
BPM: 124
Filesize: 2677kb
Play Time: 01:31
Difficulties Available:
  1. Futsuu (2.36 stars, 259 notes)
  2. Kantan (1.67 stars, 144 notes)
  3. Muzukashii (3.08 stars, 370 notes)
  4. Oni (3.66 stars, 473 notes)

Download: Akiyama Uni feat. JUN - Chitei ni Saku Bara
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

osu!taiko needs more Akiyama Uni

A Rose Blooming in the Underworld

->-> Slow SV Warning! <-<-

This is the Palace of the Earth Spirit's (Chireiden) theme in Touhou 15.5. Traverse the Chireiden, a mansion in the Underworld with this mysterious and enigmatic, yet elegant and grand tune.

The SVs were inspired by HiroK's maps such as this one. Please check him out if you haven't, he makes really awesome stuff.

If you are able to play this on HD, you are an amazing taiko player.

Please at least play it once on NoMod. Thanks!

A good taiko player is able to read and play both slow SV and fast SV. :3

Stop hating on Low BPM and Slow SV pleaaasee.

Go play Touhou 15.5. It's fun.

4★ Kantan かんたん
5★ Futsuu ふつう
7★ Muzukashii むずかしい
8★ Oni おに

Illustration Artist: 降旗原
MP3 edited by: Teddybear99

Thank you for playing! ILY! <3

"Patience is a virtue, tread carefully now."
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