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Hey lululu
This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 2021年10月7日 at 下午 02:18:52

Artist: FELT
Title: Songs Compilation
Source: 東方Project
Tags: NAGI☆ 舞花 美歌 Vivienne Maurits"禅"Cornelis BOYZ PARTY W.Nova Renko David Kronos Silver Drive Flying Fantastica Rebirth Story II III Milky Wink Cold Snap Spatial Moving Blue Drop Abyss Ground Snow Sevens Head Grow Color Stand Up Rising Nebula World Trick Pure Heart Fluster Escape Parallel Cross After rain Rendezvous Sky Gate Day after white Feel The Flow OUR SHIP BRIGHTEST WAY Flower Flag Runway Drive Roll Ground Puppet in the Dark Crumbling Innocent Eyes Closed Wings crescent moon JOURNEY New World Memories Lies in Reality Lost My Way RESISTANCE Goodbye Mir Frostmourne Lugu Mimiliaa Kloyd Hobbes2 UndeadCapulet Deca arronchu1207 10nya Yohanes Crissa Icekalt Net0 iljaaz Keqing captin1 jonathanlfj Giralda Kalibe Moecho lu^3 Eeveelution HEAVENLY_MOON ikin5050 Yasuho Vulkin Hivie Capu Vasyadogs mintong89 Nao_Tomori Wanpachi Gamelan4 radar Jaltzu DakeDekaane Alchyr SWAKE Cychloryn [_TNTlealu_] -Dusk Raiden Heaxys SkyFlame -_AzRaeL_- Japanese video game rock English
BPM: 70
Filesize: 96194kb
Play Time: 24:51
Difficulties Available:
  1. Last Wink (5.79 stars, 7088 notes)
  2. Milky Wink (6.62 stars, 5461 notes)

Download: FELT - Songs Compilation
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

Pyo banner ^
1. After rain Hey lululu
2. Rendezvous Mir
3. Sky Gate Frostmourne
4. Day after Lugu
5. white Mimiliaa
6. Feel The Flow Kloyd
7. OUR SHIP Hobbes2
8. BRIGHTEST WAY UndeadCapulet
9. Flower Flag Deca
10. Runway Drive arronchu1207
11. Story 10nya
12. Roll Ground Yohanes
13. Puppet in the Dark Part Ⅱ : Buried Away Crissa
14. Crumbling Icekalt
15. Innocent Eyes Net0
16. Closed Wings Keqing
17. crescent moon captin1
18. JOURNEY jonathanlfj
19. New World Giralda
20. Memories Hey lululu
21. Lies in Reality Kalibe
22. Lost My Way Moecho
23. RESISTANCE Hey lululu
24. EX-Track Goodbye Hey lululu
1. After rain Eeveelution
2. Rendezvous HEAVENLY MOON
3. Sky Gate ikin5050
4. Day after Yasuho
5. white Vulkin
6. Feel The Flow Hivie
7. OUR SHIP Capu
8. BRIGHTEST WAY Vasyadogs
9. Flower Flag mintong89
10. Runway Drive Nao Tomori
11. Story Wanpachi
12. Roll Ground Gamelan4
13. Puppet in the Dark Part Ⅱ : Buried Away radar
14. Crumbling Jaltzu
15. Innocent Eyes DakeDekaane
16. Closed Wings Alchyr
17. crescent moon Capu
19. New World Cychloryn
20. Memories [ TNTlealu ]
21. Lies in Reality -Dusk
22. Lost My Way Raiden
24. EX-Track Goodbye [ TNTlealu ]
mp3 edit by arronchu amq master and me
Storyboard by me and azgod
HS by me
Goodbye keysound by SkyFlame

std: SMOKELIND & UberFazz
taco: yenmaster & Tyistiana

can't find BG22

Goodbye FELT
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