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This is a feature request. Feature requests can be voted up by supporters.
Current Priority: +4
So, in osu!mania, difficulty increase mods are supposed to increase "benefit", aka ModDivider, aka the factor in which HitPunishment is divided by. (See wiki page).

Because this doesn't exactly help SS people, I propose that benefit also increases the HitValue of 300. As an example calculation (but this might be changed if necessary):
The difference between 300 and MAX (HitValue 320) is 20.
This difference is divided by benefit, much like Hit Punishment is divided by benefit. So we have 20 / 1.06 = 18.868.
The above value is the new difference between 300 and MAX, so the HitValue of 300 is now 320 - 18.868 = 301.132, a score improvement of 0.36%.

Hence there is always some benefit of using mods. While practicing to get perfect 1m score is always better, in case some people can't hit everything perfectly they can be helped by using mods.

What's your opinion about this idea? Thanks!

P.S. Expansion of this idea includes raising the HitValues of 200,100,50 too, although I doubt that will ever be implemented (HitPunishment / ModDivider seems enough). On the other hand, the above can be combined by increasing HitBonus of 300 and MAX by benefit, but similar argument applies (HitValue increase is enough).
It's been brought up before, but it's probably a good thing to have an actual request thread specific to the idea to organize things.

I brought it up months ago in a thread discussing problems with mania, but didn't make it a request because I figured it'd just be quickly invalidated because it changes score... and score resets aren't exactly a popular idea (although and SS could be easily converted, so if you're willing to allow old non-SS mod scores to be undervalued you could avoid a reset while partially updating at least the SS scores). So I like the idea.

MillhioreF brought it up again a couple weeks ago in a Feature Request thread discussing mod multipliers (t/117436). It was quickly shot down as not good enough and then ignored. Although the discussion did carry on to the point that the reason why it was shot down (this doesn't give any advantage to absolutely perfect scores, which would all score 1M with or without mods) was less of an actual concern than it was made out at the beginning of the thread (although it still is technically a concern... it just pushes the problem).
This sounds perfect to me - it's pretty much just what I had envisioned for making mods worthwhile to use. Supporting wholeheartedly.
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