Question, How to Splice / Hyperlink / osu Profiles within a collab?

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Not sure if this falls into the "Art" category, if I'm wrong, redirect me please :P.

Hi, I had a question on how to create a profile collab, I have the image setup, but I want to make it so when I click over someone's icon, it would link it to their profile picture. I've looked up videos about this online and I'm pretty sure you're supposed to use the Slice tool in Photoshop, but for some reason, it keeps messing or bugging out where I get way more images than I'm supposed to. Any directions/youtube video explaining the process more clearly would be appreciated, thanks!
- Marco -
If you already have the images split for each user like Image1 Image2 Image3 you can do this:


make sure to link the correct profile to the correct image and for the link image use a direct image link
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