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I don't know if this is the right place or I'm allowed to ask here but I used to use this one skin on my old pc. It busted and I don't have access to my files anymore, but I really liked the skin I used. All I remember was:
-When you failed a section, some anime girl with a fail sign popped up, she was crying and there's a "WAAAAAH" sound fx. That effect might have played when you messed up a combo too but I'm not sure
-I think when you passed a section miku popped up with leeks in her hands, raised in the air
-Not too sure exactly, but I think when you were doing well sometimes a chick would pop up from one side of the screen. I think she had like orange or yellow hair? Not sure about this one
-The cursor was just a small red dot
-When you passed a map, an assortment of instruments played, almost like a kid's song or a small parade, and a chick speaking in jap said something

If this rings a bell to anyone, I'd love to find it again. I've tried a bunch of other ones but it ain't the same and everything else just doesn't have that same flair. Either it's obscure or I'm just stupid. If this ain't the right place for it... my bad. Thanks!
it must be
if it's not that you can look around here:
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