What do people mean by "x bpm streaming/singletapping"

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So recently I discovered, and I've been gauging my stream speed. I get like 170bpm at most for streams, and 100 at most for single taps. What I'm confused about is what bpm means exactly. At least on that site, it seems like the bpm is in quarter notes, but is that the same for in game? Also I hear of people single tapping 200 bpm, or alternating >250bpm. That seems extremely hard to me. Am I just inexperienced or are they measuring it differently than I am?
That only measures your stream speed, to get your singletap speed just multiply the bpm you got by 2.

And yes, the website measure the bpm on quarter notes.
man that site would be so much better if it had a metronome you could set. though you broke the link with a comma

and yea, osu does bpm in quarter notes
singletapping usually refers to x bpm 1/2 notes while streaming refers to x bpm 1/4 notes
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