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I'm so sorry to make so many feature requests in a short amount of time. I just happened to come up with a lot of ideas... :?
Anyway, this is kind of like the SpunOut mod, except this mod completely turns sliders into hit circles. Enabling this mod itself won't remove from your score, but the lack of combo will. I thought it would be pretty fair for maps with fast or rapid sliders that players would have an easier time without (Like The Big Black, or Emerald Sword)
The only exception would be osu!mania, where it would lower your score.

Note: I debated between this and SlideAway, where instead it would complete the sliders for you and penalize your score
u r funneh
no support from me.
i'll be nice and leave this open though. for now :p
Well, turning a normal slider (without slider ticks or repeats) to circles actually make the gameplay harder. With the slider you can simply hit the first circle and ignore the end, giving you 100 but not destroying your combo. Hold sliders or etna sliders are also harder I think (because I can't stream :P ). The only time this mod is useful is when you have a slider that is long that it has a slider tick or slider repeat, where you actually do need to follow the slider.

But that's my opinion. I think I support SlideAway more than NoSlider; let's see others.
It could be an amusing gamemode. However I think that last unranked slot should be saved for a much more unique mod idea.
It should at least lower it the score by 0.05.
What... Why...
lol, this sounds like a funny mod for multiplayer (but should be unranked ofcourse)

Kitokofox wrote:

SlideAway, where instead it would complete the sliders for you and penalize your score suddenly SS fl + dt + hd + hr
I'd like to give this a try. Not that I think it will ever be available to us, but it seems fun to try.
I was confused for a second there about how the combo and score would be less... my assumption was that the slider would be replaced with circles for the beginning, end, and the ticks. Which would give the same combo, and a lot more points. Or perhaps not the ticks, but certainly the end would be marked, because sliders are a duration thing, they should be replaced with a duration thing. Marking just the beginning is silly, and simply won't feel right in many songs. That plus the fact that sliders are very soft objects already means I don't really support this. Maybe if a hold object is implemented, then we can return to talk about replacing sliders with holds... that would make more sense. Although that would probably add some very awkward jumps.
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