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I thought this would be kinda cool to see since you can't always tell whether the person you are spectating is holding down their arrow keys or just hitting it at intervals. It would be nice to be able to see their shift timing a little more precisely as well.

TL;DR: I want a key overlay for CTB just like the one for standard.
I'm not sure if this would work with the current CtB Replay Data behavior though, because I often play with tapping the arrow key one-by-one to move slowly but the replay showed up as having a really smooth slow movement.

Nevertheless, supporting this.
At first, when I thought about this months ago, I believed it wouldn't be needed since the controls are very basic and you'd know when the player is going left and right or dashing. But, I guess now that you mentioned how replays tend to distort the rigid gameplay of CtB, perhaps it would be helpful. On the other hand, you'd be looking more toward how the catcher is weaving through the fruits, and maybe too busy doing that to see what controls the player pressed and how often? I mean, standard benefits from this because it gets players to know what buttons the player uses to click the circles (OMG he's a singletap lord!)
I could throw in my support, sure. There's nothing too much against it not being added, but then again there's not much forward to it being added too (However, it's a fairly simple feature to add, though)
I completely support this request.
You support everything CtB, VelperK *ohoho.jpg*
Jokes aside, I thought about it a bit, and since CtB is indeed a multi-dimensional game, I can agree to this feature. No thoughts on when it'll get implemented, however, probably not for a while.
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