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After hearing people talk about non-english players coming into osu!, ktgster reminded us that perhaps new players cannot know to be in their own language channel first, so I came up with an idea.

When players get an account on osu! and then get the game, they will likely be browsing the website in their own language. So, when they install osu!, they should be granted with a language selection if it hasn't been before, on the installation. Then, on installing, osu! defaults it's language to whatever the user chose. And, upon connection to Bancho, the user should be defaulted to their own channel as specificed by the language setting in their osu!, additionally being greeted by the welcome message in their language, upon which they can understand. In #osu, the welcome message is in their language, but it tells them that there is a channel specific to their language and that it's proper rules to chat their instead. This language setting in osu! of course can be changed at any time.

I'm hoping that this sort of system to help instruct users will cut down on the random alternate language speakers in #osu (if not entirely, down to the point where it's just accidental messages by knowing users)

Anyway, thanks to some people in #osu for discussing this. I decided to group it all together and put it as a feature request, one that I darn well hope makes it through.
Seems pretty similar to t/20737. Do we really need separate installation languages?
Yes we do. There are many games that ask what language they use upon installation. It would be helpful if players could set their preferred language right from installation in order to avoid language confusion later on.
[Kanzaki Ranko]
Maybe putting you on the right channels upon first login, by IP range checking, the same way determining the country from your profile does?
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