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pp is broken enough for logic changes to make no sense at all. Don't really try suggesting anything that makes sense since the formula is already quite flawed since calculating how much each score is worth is next to impossible because of a thousand factors.
By the looks of it there's about 1,961,367 different ways to determine pp as every single person seems to regard it differently. It's hard for the staff and peppy to consider every bloody factor involved in perfecting the system, however flawed it may be at the moment.

Manchineel wrote:

if say somebody ranked 200 in PP holds a #1 rank, and loses it to a player in top the top 50, they should lose less pp than usual.

Say the song has heavy PP influence, so the guy gains 20 points for the #1. but then loses 7 points when the guy takes his #1.
Depending on the rank of the #1 stealer the guy shouldn't lose as much because it's given he's at a disadvantage of skill.
That would be the intent... if you're at a disadvantage of skill, higher skilled people will take your top ranks and push you down to the level you belong at. It's not about being fair... higher skilled players are supposed to trump weaker ones. It's also far from zero sum, the value that you got for a top rank isn't transferred to a person that steals it. They get whatever it's worth to them, you lose pp according to how much it's worth to you. So there really isn't a lot of point in using player ranking in there at all.
Do not complicate the pp system any more than it actually is.
support. although it seems like no one else does. so meh.
u aint gd urself idk wht ur talking about XD
Annie the Eagle

xclickx wrote:

u aint gd urself idk wht ur talking about XD
He's a higher rank than both you and your other account s ranker disc.

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If there were any factors you'd like to suggest towards improving the PP system, I guess this can be the thread for it.
Okay. Uhh.. I guess I could slip my two-cents worth.

This is fine as it is. Everything works just like it should in my eyes.

Fast-Paced maps should also have a slight more consideration, since coordination is a key part of Taiko

Award differences in pp for the severity of jumps.
This means, a series of hyperdashes should give the map more value, as hyperdashes require incredible timing and having a long sequence of them or very fast ones can be difficult.
This also goes for long jumps, or very quick jumps, or long successions of jumps.
Finally, AR really plays a part in the difficulty in CtB. Especially AR10, which requires the player to have extreme reflexes. (Does not apply to adding HR to make the map have AR10, only base difficulty) and should be considered well.
These suggestions in mind would give maps like Can't Defeat Airman, The Big Black, Big Money, The Creator, Kokou No Sousei [Chaos], and other maps that are actually difficult in CtB the value they deserve (This also includes Hichman's CtB. Don't come yelling at me about it Velper!)

Everything is just fine here, too.

That Thread is pretty pointless since it has too many reasons why the pp System won't be changed (so fast). I've bump it actually to ask if this can be denied. Not sure if this makes sense to keep it.
I guess it won't hurt to deny this. Just a reminder:

Keep in mind this is a constantly evolving system...
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