[Archived] New combo ghosts under slider when slider end overlaps

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Well, it's not really a common bug, but I'm sure that this kind of behavior wasn't intended in the timeline editor. It would be useful to know that the first note in your new combo seemed to be missing, instead of misteriously numbering through the end of your slider.

An extra 1 on that combo? :o What a mystery!

This is what was underneath.

I figured I might as well throw this out. I mean, it's probably going to sit in the low-priority bin, but someone has to report it eventually.
Do you have that purple slider on top of the pink 1?
It's not a bug afaik

You have a hit-circle at the end of the slider

It can look like this as well

How would you know there's an overlapped note if it wasn't like this?
So you want it to look like this? but in the end instead

It's almost impossible not to notice that there's a hitcircle at the end

It's a different story with the start

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It's not that. The number ghosts and draws above the slider above it, yet the circle is below the slider because of timeline and the colour of the new combo underneath doesn't show through. it looks rather wonky to me.

It's just a mere small cosmetic issue, really. Could become confusing when making new combos in Mania though!

Yeah Saten, kind of like what you put there, except the circle is stacked with the slider end, instead of pushing it's number through the end of the slider.

I mean, this could trick some people into believing that their circle will appear above the slider end when they play the map, when it'll actually sit below it, causing the famed hidden circle. Not to mention, when stacking circles in the editor, they stack just like they do in-game, all except slider ends.

It's not stacking in the time lime, when it actually should be. It's consistent behavior, and will save quite a bit of strain when mapping in Mania..
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