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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Sunday, July 30, 2017 at 11:25:01 PM

Artist: Tatsh feat. Sariyajin
Source: Touhou
Tags: Emotional Skyscraper Cosmic Mind gowww FAR EAST OF EAST II
BPM: 178
Filesize: 8224kb
Play Time: 05:17
Difficulties Available:
  1. Lotus (6.02 stars, 1447 notes)

Download: Tatsh feat. Sariyajin - FOUR SEASONS OF LONELINESS
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

''If they say they will destroy my body along with my magic
I will hide myself within the lotus flower and escape with my life
Shining brilliantly all the way to the blue water’s surface,
Transient lives overlap my body in white
For thousands of dawns''
Thanks for making this map, I play it frequently.
A bit IRC modding here
14:22 Lumin: so there are few things I need to say
14:22 Lumin: and they are
14:23 Lumin: This is clearly a 2012 map and it has it's own flaws that are necessary to keep so this will keep feeling like a 2012 map
14:23 Neptune: alright
14:23 Lumin: so we are not going to change the style, but a bit of "cleaning up"
14:23 Lumin: or tidying up
14:23 Neptune: so
14:23 Neptune: it
14:23 Neptune: it's applicable for loved
14:24 Neptune: alright
14:24 Neptune: this map needs that
14:24 Neptune: has some flaws in it that i just can't fix by myself
14:24 Lumin: if you purify this enough and get this popular atleast I wouldn't see any problems to love this
14:25 Neptune: 01:29:266 (6,7,8,9,10,11,1,2,3,1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,1,2,3,4,5) -
14:25 Neptune: i'm not satisfied with this at all
14:25 Neptune: it looks very sloppy
14:25 Neptune: alright :3 that's good motivation
14:25 Lumin: hmm let's see
14:26 Lumin: okay
14:26 Lumin: for this part I liked this alot
14:26 Lumin: but hmm
14:27 Neptune: it looks copied too
14:27 Neptune: lowkey
14:27 Neptune: it's the same pattern but the first section it's 1/2 sliders
14:27 Neptune: and the second it's a stream
14:28 Lumin: let's start with the jumps at the beginning
14:28 Neptune: alright~ i'm sorry i'm going too fast
14:28 Neptune: i'll let you lead the way
14:29 Lumin: I'll "remake" this part and see if you like it just a moment
14:29 Lumin: tho I keep the idea but I clean it up
14:30 Neptune: sounds good
14:33 Lumin: https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/7641959 I would like to make the part a bit like this
14:33 Lumin: no wait
14:35 Lumin: https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/7641975 not exactly like this but you get the idea
14:36 Neptune: yeah that shape
14:36 Neptune: lemme see
14:36 Lumin: using distance snap 1.4x all the time and trying to make symmetric jumps 7-8-9-10-11
14:36 Lumin: so it tidyes up nicely
14:37 Neptune: where does
14:37 Neptune: 11 go
14:37 Neptune: do i stack it on 6
14:37 Neptune: or
14:37 Neptune: same spacing but stack it on the first 1/2 slider
14:37 Lumin: stack it on 6
14:38 Neptune: https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/7641994
14:38 Lumin: yeah just like that
14:38 Lumin: stack on 5
14:39 Lumin: 6*
14:40 Neptune: ill update it
14:40 Neptune: so you can see what i did
14:40 Neptune: alright
14:40 Neptune: you can update
14:40 Lumin: btw I only have like 40mins time left because I'm going to a camp today but we can manage :D
14:40 Lumin: okkaay
14:41 Neptune: oh alright
14:41 Neptune: if i'm messing with your timeline no worries
14:41 Neptune: don't want you to have a chaotic day because you helped a stranger out :p
14:42 Lumin: haha np :D
14:42 Lumin: okay that is good
14:42 Neptune: 1/2 slider too?
14:42 Lumin: take this 01:29:098 (5) -
14:42 Lumin: move it to x:296 y:152
14:42 Lumin: coordinates top right corner
14:42 Neptune: oh damn
14:42 Neptune: nice
14:43 Lumin: then
14:43 Neptune: same kinda angle as the jump
14:43 Neptune: thanks
14:43 Lumin: 01:27:581 (3,4) - take these
14:43 Lumin: and stack them with 5
14:43 Neptune: 01:28:761 (2,3,4,5,6) -
14:43 Neptune: this now lines up with the jump
14:43 Neptune: very nice
14:43 Neptune: wheres 5
14:43 Neptune: or you mean01:28:255 (1) -
14:43 Neptune: ?
14:43 Lumin: the 5 you moved
14:44 Neptune: oh i see
14:44 Neptune: got it
14:44 Lumin: so move them on the same coordinates
14:44 Lumin: 01:30:277 (1,2,3,1,2,3,4,5) - then for this part
14:45 Lumin: did you change that part on the update?
14:46 Neptune: i moved the first 1/2 a bit
14:46 Neptune: so it wouldnt be awkward spacing
14:46 Lumin: I had a great vision on this already but I forgot it omg :D
14:46 Neptune: i put 11 on top of the 1/2
14:47 Neptune: that's all i think
14:47 Neptune: 1/2 on top of 11
14:47 Lumin: just a moment
14:47 Neptune: i could make
14:47 Neptune: 01:30:109 (11,1) -
14:47 Neptune: this into a triple
14:48 Neptune: add a 12th in between 11 and 1
14:48 Lumin: noo it doesn't have beat you shouldn't
14:50 Lumin: okay so
14:50 Lumin: let's do this part a bit more neat
14:51 Neptune: alright
14:51 Lumin: okay first pick 01:30:445 (2,3) -
14:51 Lumin: both of them
14:51 Lumin: then click ctrl+g
14:51 Lumin: the shold fliå
14:51 Lumin: flip
14:52 Neptune: yeah
14:52 Lumin: okay then
14:52 Lumin: 01:30:951 (2) - this only and ctrl+g
14:52 Neptune: got it
14:52 Lumin: then
14:53 Lumin: 01:31:120 (3,4) - take these and ctrl+g
14:53 Neptune: got it
14:53 Lumin: 01:31:120 (3) - and then pick this and ctrl+g
14:53 Lumin: 01:31:289 (4) - and then this
14:53 Neptune: ay
14:53 Lumin: same thing
14:53 Lumin: how does it look to you now?
14:54 Neptune: https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/7642088
14:54 Lumin: just like that
14:55 Lumin: and do you like it?
14:55 Neptune: 01:30:951 (2,3) -
14:55 Neptune: these look very far apart to me
14:55 Neptune: i like it a lot
14:55 Neptune: more neat like you said
14:55 Lumin: wow cool
14:55 Lumin: hmm
14:55 Neptune: less sloppy
14:55 Lumin: let's see those
14:55 Neptune: seems like very uncomfortable movement
14:55 Neptune: for the momentum
14:55 Neptune: if that makes sense
14:56 Neptune: https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/7642095
14:56 Neptune: this is what i'm seeing
14:57 Lumin: yes I know
14:58 Neptune: day and night difference seeing auto play it
14:58 Neptune: looks more structured
14:58 Lumin: https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/7642114 how does this look?
14:58 Lumin: cool :D
15:00 Neptune: looking good
15:00 Neptune: where does 4 go
15:00 Lumin: 01:31:289 (4) - move this one tick to the left and it's nicely in the middle
15:00 Lumin: I think it looks neat :D
15:01 Neptune: http://osu.ppy.sh/ss/7642133
15:01 Neptune: ?
15:01 Lumin: yeah
15:01 Neptune: NC on 4 though then?
15:02 Lumin: 01:30:951 (2) - actually you should only NC this
15:02 Lumin: and nothing else
15:02 Lumin: before
15:02 Lumin: 01:31:626 (1) -
15:03 Neptune: so
15:03 Neptune: there's
15:03 Neptune: 2 pairs of 4 combo 1/2s
15:03 Lumin: yeah
15:03 Lumin: exactly
15:04 Neptune: alright
15:04 Neptune: got it
15:04 Neptune: indeed looks better
15:04 Lumin: okay let's look at the rest
15:04 Neptune: want me to update it
15:04 Neptune: so you can check it?
15:04 Lumin: no need
15:04 Lumin: update it at the end
15:04 Neptune: alright
15:05 Lumin: 01:34:828 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,1,2,3,4,5) - this looks ok I don't think that you need to touch this
15:05 Neptune: now that the first section is fixed it might look better
15:05 Neptune: let's see
15:06 Neptune: hm
15:06 Neptune: maybe i should
15:06 Neptune: 01:33:985 (1,2,3,4,5) -
15:06 Neptune: scale it a bit
15:06 Lumin: yeah the jumps
15:06 Neptune: so it gets bigger
15:06 Neptune: and then space better with
15:06 Neptune: 01:34:828 (1) -
15:06 Lumin: them we well change
15:06 Neptune: scale smaller or bigger
15:06 Neptune: what u think
15:07 Lumin: https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/7642169 what do you think of this?
15:08 Neptune: https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/7642178
15:08 Neptune: this?
15:08 Lumin: just like that
15:08 Neptune: damn that's actually really sexy
15:08 Lumin: 01:34:491 (4,5,1) - and you can see it flowing straight into the stream
15:09 Lumin: okay I think that this part is good
15:09 Lumin: I don't have much time so I'll check the map through and see if there are any major flaws?
15:09 Lumin: or do you have some other part on your mind?
15:09 Neptune: ehmm
15:09 Neptune: yes
15:09 Lumin: okay what do you have?
15:10 Neptune: 03:24:547 (1) -
15:10 Neptune: this entire stream
15:10 Neptune: i dont think it's structured well with the 1/2s and reverses on the blue/whites
15:10 Neptune: i dont know not sure though
15:10 Lumin: hmm
15:10 Neptune: but i never thought it was correct
15:10 Neptune: oh wait
15:10 Neptune: no tthat one
15:11 Neptune: 03:30:530 (5) -
15:11 Neptune: here onwards
15:11 Neptune: my bad
15:11 Lumin: that's what I thought :D
15:11 Lumin: because I loved that one
15:11 Neptune: you 100%ed it though i was surprised
15:11 Lumin: oh yeah this was the "worst" stream in the map :D
15:11 Neptune: haha thought so
15:12 Neptune: i want it to be tricky though
15:12 Neptune: since the guitar
15:12 Neptune: goes kinda crazy
15:12 Neptune: in that part
15:12 Lumin: 1st thing it has to be the same spacing through the whole stream
15:12 Neptune: and it nicely introduces
15:12 Lumin: so I'd say 1.5x
15:12 Neptune: the intense jumps coming
15:13 Lumin: let me remake this 03:30:952 (10,1,2,3) -
15:13 Neptune: u gotta help me a bit on this one
15:13 Neptune: alright
15:13 Neptune: i'm not sure how to scale/space with the tools properly
15:13 Neptune: i never really used the beat snap thingy
15:13 Neptune: it's pure hand work
15:14 Lumin: hold down alt and scroll it until it is 1.5x in the top right corner
15:14 Lumin: you should, distance snap is pretty much a must in mapping
15:14 Neptune: alright
15:14 Neptune: nice
15:14 Neptune: lovely to learn more about mapping
15:14 Neptune: so now when i tag ''distance snap''
15:15 Neptune: it automatically locks notes into the 1,5x spacing right
15:15 Neptune: when i click the notes
15:15 Lumin: no do not do it like that
15:15 Lumin: take it away and never touch that button :D
15:15 Neptune: o
15:15 Neptune: so how do i apply it to a section
15:15 Lumin: the way you use it
15:16 Lumin: well you can't apply it to a section, you need to go through one note at a time
15:16 Neptune: im sorry if i'm not following correctly
15:16 Neptune: so when i alt+scroll
15:16 Neptune: and i just m1 a circle
15:16 Neptune: it has the 1.5x applied to it?
15:17 Lumin: take some random note and move it to anywhere you want without distance snap turned on ok?
15:17 Neptune: alright :D
15:17 Lumin: THEN hold the note with your mouse and then press and hold alt = vola
15:18 Neptune: i see
15:18 Neptune: thank you for clearning that up
15:18 Lumin: cool
15:18 Neptune: makes just that much more sense now
15:18 Neptune: so in reality
15:18 Neptune: people hold alt a lot during mapping
15:19 Lumin: yes
15:19 Neptune: with every placement pretty much
15:19 Neptune: ?
15:19 Lumin: they do
15:19 Neptune: oh gosh
15:19 Lumin: but quickly for this part
15:19 Neptune: i have been so wrong all my osu career then
15:19 Lumin: :DDD
15:19 Neptune: thank you man
15:19 Lumin: 03:30:952 (10,1,2) -
15:20 Neptune: yes
15:20 Lumin: https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/7642270 what do you think about this?
15:20 Lumin: makes it more interesting and doesn't stop the flow
15:21 Lumin: still keeps up the guitar's kinkyness
15:21 Neptune: whoa i liked it first sight
15:21 Neptune: hahaha
15:21 Neptune: yeah
15:21 Neptune: lemme see
15:21 Lumin: well I really don't have long time so don't start fixing it now and let's look at the rest of the stream quickly :D
15:22 Neptune: would the sliders look fancier
15:22 Neptune: if i put a little curve in them
15:22 Neptune: and match the angles
15:22 Lumin: nah, don't do that with short sliders
15:22 Lumin: this looks and works better
15:25 Lumin: 03:32:384 (4,5,6,7,8) - this part
15:25 Lumin: https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/7642293 you could do it like this so it looks and flows better
15:26 Lumin: just check that out and see what you think
15:26 Lumin: but now I really need to go :D
15:26 Neptune: oh yes

00:08:704 (6) - Ends in a strong sound here, maybe you could try something so that there's a slider or a hitcircle starting there, your choice.

00:10:053 (1,2,3,4) - There seems to be a few sounds on the blue ticks, but if you don't wanna add a stream or repeated sliders there, you could try this: https://puu.sh/v8jC6/45096e8df0.png - It flows a bit better.

00:11:064 (8) - I would add a slider here since there is a note on the red tick after it, that way; the sliderend would end on the red tick, making it less confusing.

00:25:895 (1) - Remove NC, 00:26:232 (2) - Add NC
00:31:457 (4,5) - ^
00:46:289 (1,2) - ^
00:54:547 (9,1) - ^

00:28:761 (1) - Try ending the slider on the white tick, it seems better.

00:30:277 (8) - NC
00:35:671 (4) - ^
00:38:367 (5) - ^
00:39:547 (6) - ^
00:44:940 (7) - ^
00:58:592 (10) - ^
01:05:165 (4) - ^
01:14:772 (3) - ^
01:18:648 (7) - ^
01:20:165 (6) - ^
01:21:513 (5) - ^

00:42:412 (7) - There is a strong sound there, perhaps ending it on a slider end wouldn't be the best idea.

00:48:732 (2) - You could add a circle there and make it stack with 00:48:648 (1,2) - It flows better.

I haven't mentioned all of the problems, but I think you understood what I had meant from these issues.

For the combos - Try add a new combo on the large white tick, those mostly represent the strong sounds of the song, that's what the player mostly reacts to and the health replenishes.

For the strong sounds - Try not to end them on slider ends as it confuses the player, if there's a strong sound and you end it with a slider end, they might think that the circle after that is where the strong sound starts.

Try focus on the beat more (Do focus on the vocals too, but not too much as it can confuse the player due to inconsistency).

I'm not the best at modding so feel free to subject, although I hope it helped in someway.
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