Shishigami Leona - Christmas Song

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on domingo, 24 de janeiro de 2021 at 22:27:15

Artist: Shishigami Leona
Title: Christmas Song
Tags: back number 歌ってみた vtuber Christmas Song Kurisumasusongu Shishigami Reona pop japanese Re:AcT UNIVERSALMUSICJAPAN pianosuki foss fossphile Apfelsine78 Iced Out
BPM: 85
Filesize: 14281kb
Play Time: 05:27
Difficulties Available:
  1. The coldness feels pleasantly good (4,24 stars, 799 notes)

Download: Shishigami Leona - Christmas Song
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

Redownload after 12.18.2020 for keysounds!

The coldness feels pleasantly good by xxluizxx47

Keysounds by pianosuki
Hitsounds by Iced Out
Banner by Nicki-San
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