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To start pf this introduction, let me tell you my real name which is Florian.
But you can call me Kitkat, WC JR, Junior or whatever you want to call me.
I am a 17 year old student from germany who likes to play video games and
likes to do sports like parcour/freerunning.

So, how have I discovered the game?

Well, in early 2019 I have been watching some osu videos I got recommended on YouTube.
Then, around the time of my birthday I decided to try out this "new" and "interesting game".
I found joy in it pretty fast and it sky rocketed to my most played game at that time.
And it still is today.

How did my osu! career go so far?

Starting with mouse and keyboard and switching to tablet in early 2020 gave me a huge
improvement in skill which motivated me to play more and more.
Thus playing more gave me to be more active in #osu, which allowed me to talk and meet
so many nice people on the course of my playtime.
I don't have many goals in this game, but one is definetely: MAKE MORE FRIENDS.
Discord tag >w< Kitkat |キットカット#6100
So, if we ever meet each other in the osu chat, on a osu! Discod server or elsewhere,
be free to talk with me, I don't bite >w<

Social Distance
Hi, I remember you from #Osu channel X)
Astrid Park
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