Chaotix's Winter Trios [STD | 3v3 | BWS] [1-2.5k, 2.6k-10k, 10k-50k]

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- This is a 3v3, ScoreV2, team-vs, international osu! tournament.
- The Nofail mod will be enforced on all maps throughout the tournament.

  • - The 3 Divisions (rank ranges) are as seen:
    - Division 1: 1-2500
    - Division 2: 2501-10000
    - Division 3: 10001-50000
  1. BWS will be enforced on this tournament with no rank buffer (more info on BWS below).
  2. Each one of the 3 divisions will operate in the same way, with the same rules, as seperate tournaments.
  3. There will be a minimum of 3 players on each team, maximum of 5.
  4. Each member on your team should change your name to your osu! name.
  5. Each team member of every player that is entering in this tournament should be in their divisions rank range throughout the duration of registrations. If not, your team's registration will become void.
    - All players should join the Discord server, or else your team's registration will be void.

  6. This tournament will start in Qualifiers, and from that point forward the top 32 teams (excluded for Division 1 due to lack of signups), for each division will move on to the Double Elimination bracket stage. Some information on how Qualifiers stage will work on this tournament is below (read it, seriously).
  7. Grand Finals will have a bracket reset if in the event the loser's bracket team wins.
  8. Qualifier Lobbies will consist of 3 players playing each map (you can switch out players in between maps) and will have 2 attempts at the qualifiers pool (we will count the highest score you get on the map).
  9. Round of 32 & 16 matches will be Best of 9.
  10. Quarterfinals & Semifinals matches will be Best of 11.
  11. Finals & Grand Finals matches will be Best of 13.
  12. Each team will get 1 ban in RO32 and RO16. 2 bans will occur for QF-GF
  13. This bracket will follow traditional seeding as follows: #1 vs 32, #2 vs #31 etc.
  14. Match schedules and Mappools showcases for all divisions will be released on Sunday 23:59 UTC.
  15. All times will be in UTC (Universal Coordinated Time).
    - Find your time zone here.
  16. Commentators and Streamers ARE allowed to play in the tournament. Referees also can play in the tournament, as long as they don't ref any matches in their own division.
  17. For Freemod, at least 2 players on your team must have a unique mod (HD & HR good , HRHD and HD good). Your freemod options are HD, HR, and EZ (it does not count as a unique mod but is 1.75x multiplier).
  18. Reschedules for ALL matches should be 6 hours before the current match time and 24 hours prior to the rescheduled time. If you try to reschedule within this time period, it will most likely not be accepted to a reschedule, except if you are busy irl (e.g. family issues, medical emergencies, etc.).

  1. BWS (Badge Weighted Seeding) is a accurate way to seed players a based on how much badges they have (this doesn't include spotlight medals). It enforces rank restrictions based on the player's amount of badges. The BWS formula we will be using is BWS = rank^(0.9937^(badges^2).
  2. Any sort of disrespect, towards your assigned referee and/or your opponent WILL NOT be tolerated (This also applies to the Discord Server, and to others staffing in the tournament).
  3. For picks and bans, the team that wins the roll will decide on the ban order or the pick order first. Then the loser of the roll will choose from the remaining order.
  4. If in the event someone disconnects from the match you can call for an abort within 30 seconds into the map in order to replay the map. Each team has a limit of 1 replay per match.
  5. Failed scores count.
  6. It is the players responsibility to be prepared and ready for the match. However if their is any technical difficulties with the maps (ex, the player is taking long to download the map), the referee is allowed to give the other player a point if they are taking too long.
  7. Players are expected to use common sense. If one team member is stalling, the ref is allowed to use the command !mp timer 90.

If the match comes down to the TieBreaker map, it will be a freemod option, but you do not have to play with a mod.

  1. Each team that's registered in the tournament will play the same pool in their division every week.
  2. There will be different pools for RO32, RO16, QF, SF, Finals, and Grand Finals. The mappool format shown here will be as follows:
    Qualifiers: 4 NoMod/2 Hidden/2 Hard Rock/2 Double Time.
    RO32 / RO16: 5 Nomod/2 Hidden/2 Hard Rock/3 Double Time/2 Freemod/3 Tiebreakers.
    QF / SF / Finals / Grand Finals: 6 NoMod/3 Hidden/3 Hard Rock/4 Double Time/3 Freemod/ 3 Tiebreakers.

    These are the planned star ratings for Qualifiers and Grand Finals for each division:

    Division 1:

    6.7* Qualifiers NM1 Max || 7.50* Grand Finals NM1 Max

    Division 2:

    6.1* Qualifiers NM1 Max || 6.80* Grand Finals NM1 Max

    Division 3:

    5.50* Qualifiers NM1 Max || 6.20* Grand Finals NM1 Max

  1. Registrations Close: November 30 at 23:59 UTC
  2. There will be a 1-2 week buffer for the screening lists

Division 1 Schedule:
18-20 December: Qualifiers
25-27 December: Round Of 32 (if we get enough signups)
1-3 January: Round Of 16
8-10 January: Quarterfinals
15-17 January: Semifinals
22-24 January: Finals
29-31 January: Grand Finals

Division 2 Schedule:
25-27 December: Qualifiers
1-3 January: Round Of 32
8-10 January: Round Of 16
15-17 January: Quarterfinals
22-24 January: Semifinals
29-31 January: Finals
5-7 February: Grand Finals

Division 3 Schedule:
1-3 January: Qualifiers
8-10 January: Round Of 32
15-17 January: Round Of 16
22-24 January: Quarterfinals
29-31 January: Semifinals
5-7 January: Finals
12-14 February: Grand Finals

keep in mind that these dates may change if screening takes long or not enough players sign up, so please keep that in mind.

Division 1:
1st place:
Profile Badge (Pending)
1 month of osu! supporter for each team member
profile banner

2nd place:
1 month of osu! supporter for each team member
profile banner

3rd place:
1 month of osu! supporter for each team member
profile banner

Division 2:
1st place:
Profile Badge (Pending)
profile banner

2nd place:
profile banner

3rd place:
profile banner

Division 3:
1st place:
Profile Badge (Pending)
profile banner

2nd place:
profile banner

3rd place:
profile banner

note - donations are greatly appreciated! if you would like to contribute to the prizes pls DM any of my moderators and then they will ask them to DM me and then i will add the prizes for a division.

another note - all divisions will be badged ( hopefully if osu! staff accepts it :) ).

Host: Chaozz

Moderators: Rijrya , moss- , Spartan Plume

GFX: ChillerPear , moss- , XzCraftP

Chaozz , Aidown , Spartan Plume

Mappool Selector:
(Division 1 Poolers): Chaozz , Rijrya , JackPaX
(Division 2 Poolers): Anexile , P a t r i c k , Chaozz
(Division 3 Poolers): P a t r i c k , Sanaka- , -Flux

Mappool Playtesters: Utami , Rijrya , okplabs , GongoTheGecko , moof , byfar , MatthewBubbles , Menty , tuudug , Samoyed

Streamers: Anexile , Big Brayn , XzCraftP , im afk , k_1tty , -Bubs- , Poke7z

Commentators: Anexile , Big Brayn , NinjaMeals , N1ghtbeat , JackPaX , Vespulaz , ruruchewy , juliancala

Referees: Big Brayn , Vespulaz , LwL , DizzyH , juliancala , rock-on , GongoTheGecko , Aidown , Meowsha , Phizh , Rijrya , MatthewBubbles , real cute , ruruchewy , -Flux , Saika0k1 , Green_Planet , -Bubs- , Samoyed , Anexile , P a t r i c k , shineasone , sinn , Speshimen , moof , Spartan Plume , tuudug

p.s - more staff is greatly appreciated! if you would like to help out in the tournament dm me at Chaotix#4239 or DM any of my mods. Thank you for your support!
lets goo
lets goo
can u pls put the bws form in the post?
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Bakugo- wrote:

can u pls put the bws form in the post?
there you go
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whoops, not used to using discord for lft my b
Dios Dong
why does this run directly over the winter holidays with no breaks
IS this has screening?
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Tuon wrote:

IS this has screening?
Yes it does. Should say in schedules that there will be a 1-2 week buffer for screening lists :)
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