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Multi-language support? Like Japanese, Chinese, English, German, and such. Well I’m currently learning C++ (still sort of a beginner) if that would be of and if you need some help I might be of some service (ha I sound like I’m form Tolkien’s books... not too shabby)(currently reading) anyway I'm also learning German (3-4 student). The only thing I'm still in school and looking for a job (all that fun stuff that makes you want to rage quit). VB now that I only looked at a little bit and that was only the basics... so good job great idea "I tip my hat to you, good sir".
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Multi-Language Support is planned and very easy on VB. I only need some translators, please PN me if you want to translate the textes in your language.

Two News today (not more because i was been not at home at weekhand, short holydays ^-^):

  1. osu! skin creator gets portable, it does not needs a installation on your system. Also all settings get saves on the path where osu! skin creator runs.
  2. osu! skin creator will update automatically and gets a small console to downgrade, if a update is not that what i want (e.g. if i implement bugs -.-)
I need this ASAP. Develop faster.
In my opinion, I would like the option to add a section where we can see a betmap with skin created, to see if the skin looks good while you're playing or not

XinCrin wrote:

In my opinion, I would like the option to add a section where we can see a betmap with skin created, to see if the skin looks good while you're playing or not
Why not just preview in osu! then?
VB.NET and C# are more or less similar. I have been using the C#-VB.NET online converter since I wanted to develop ASP.NET website for my college project.

This looks promising. I might help when I'm available.
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@peppy: In osu! it doens not show sliders in skin preview. And one of the sense for osu! skin creator is not to start osu! extra for testing or viewing skin.
@XinCrin: In live-Preview, this will be implementet. But not at the moment. For a live-Preview with beatmaps i have to ancode the beatmaps, this is too much for the beginning. But later (:
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Hello and sorry for this long time without response by me.

The last days i created an auto updateter.
  1. Automatically checking are updates available
  2. Update automatically the application
  3. Restart automatically the application
  4. If the application directory contains a file named "NoUpdate", than acutally the update will be not pressed. Later this will be an option in settings.

At you can download the current alpha test version.
This version will not runs correctly, if the developing version and for real creating skins it is senseless!

You can test after every update here this version and test the new additions and reporting bugs and your opinion about the futures and graphical design.
So you can help while developing osu skin creator.

To start osu! Skin creator only open "OsuSkinCreator.Forms.exe". This name will be changed in an seperate (and i hope automatic) update.

Please note:
osu! Skin Creator Updater will delete for the application senseless files, so always run the application located in a seperate directory on your computer.
The updater autmatically cancel if this directory is not "OsuSkinCreator" and opens a message box with instruction:
osu! Skin Creator has to be located in an seperate directory named ""OsuSkinCreator"".Please be sure that no other files are located in this folder.This update routine will delete all files which not from osu skin creatorin the current application directory!Update will be cancelled. Please restart osu! skin creator manueally!

Have fun while testing (is really sparsely to test at the current time) and give feedback, thanks.


Known bugs and errors:
  1. Restarting osu! Skin Creator failes actually. Only restart after update manually.
  2. Reverting failed updates doesnt work. Its not implemented actually.

Reupped all files, there was bugs with the directory tests.
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Little Update:

  1. Updater starts only if updates available
  2. Updater starts now with administration permissions for updating files (creating / deleting)
  3. Added UserSettings
  4. Added Options-Section (Not designet at the moment and crashing if auto update option changed :/ )
  5. Deactivated creating backup for updates

Update is available via auto update.
This is amazing! Thank you so much for this. I'll be using this a lot in the future once it's out. I guess I'll try out the alpha in the meantime.
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Yes, thanks.
This alpha is only to test seperate functions while developing, ot for use!.

At the moment i´rewriting the graphic rendering, and if this is not correct, i can´t dvelop other features.

But its ok at the moment, bevore rewriting this i have lags while hovering buttons and other graphics. at the moment i have no lags... but now vb does scaling images, and this is not good :/

Graphics works fine (:

Searching files in your osu folder (skins and songs) can take a lot of time - because thats so many different files :/
In my test i have 18000 files in my songs directory, and analize this folder takes ~~16 minutes (ok, i have a lame computer). I have to write a faster engine for this :/

What would you say:

standard search files on each stard from oskc?
standard search only if the user want? (search one time at first run and safe the file list)

in all cases you can set this in options (for songs folder and for skins folder seperatly)
Very nice idea :)
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New test version available.

Copied from Changelog:

- Fixed UserSettings-Crash
- Fixed ForceUpdate (button with no text in Options)
- Added new Grafik Engine (No lags while hovering some elements, better caching and faster view of graphics)
- Added Listed-Section (Listing all file names of a skin to change them at once)
- Added mouse selection list (not designet yet)
- Added change mouse cursor
- Added file loading routine (its showing some numbers if it finnished, this is for debugging)
- Added a view of the current action (in the upper left corner of the application)

How to test?
Click Options, the blocked elements will be unblocked (its a bug at this time :()
Click "Listed", then "Button1" (no name at this moment, its only for testing)
Select a new cursor :) (Click into the right center to be able to scroll in your mouse buttons, auto select doesnt works this time)
Its available here:

There was a bug in the updater. Please delete your current version and redownload it with the given link.
The current, buggy updater will delete all files in subfolders.

I´ve fixed some problems, reported by LolicoreFlandre and updated osu! skin creator alpha version. Thanks.

- New Updater (the old updater will delete all files in subfolders)
- Removed some debug code
- Reading skin files from Skins and Songs folder
- Fixed bug with wrong application path for osu!
- Saving you osu! directory in user settings now
- Fixed rare crash while initializing cursor selection
- Added first try of designing mouse cursor selection

If you get a message box, you can ignore this message.
This messages will be added in overview later with functions to fix the reported problem.
The update is uploading to the server and should be available in a few minutes.
Looks cool~ I would like to use this to create my own skin in the future~~
This is an awesome idea. I'll be sure to mess around with your program sometime soon. Very promising! I can't wait to see how it's further improved.
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Restart programming osu! skin creator!

Hello Guys...

the last few weeks i´ve had a lot of problems with the server and hoster from oskc. So i cant provide new versions or fixes at this time. I´m looking for new possibilities.

The second point: I cant work with XNA at my computer, and visual basic standard lib is not suitable for a lot of graphics operations there i need for oskc.
So i´m restard programming oskc on a thin game development engine (rpg maker xp). I´m working with this for more than six years now and i´m knowing the graphics engine from this.

A fine point on this is ruby. Ruby is a interpreted script language and there i can generate code at runtime - so i have not so much to code for the graphics. ruby is able to generate his own code to load the graphics. So many parts of the programming are easier than visual basic.

Sorry for the long time without notifications about and a nice day, Kagurame.
that's gonna be easy, well... ofcourse, C++ is easy to manage. good luck bro! *full support* 8-)
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I can´t develop with C++ ^-^
And i dont want to learn it yet, too many to do ^^

But with Ruby it works fine at the current state.
I have to implement some thinks like a textbox or a checkbox for usability and at the moment i havent mouse support, but it works fine and is not really hard ^-^

Multilanguage works ;)

How to draw a textbox xD
You can do it my Friend :D
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Current state:

Load skin lib files, options and welcome screen working.

Source will be open to edit or to expand to some functions / additions. No Programms needed, only a text editor and a bit knowlegde about ruby and my code ^^
Thanks to Toonzz for some graphics ;)
Maybe i can help a bit? but the only programming code that i can use is pascal. :(
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if you want to learn a bit i could show you ruby, its really easy to use.

If you understand ruby than you could help if you want ;)
Good luck with the software dude, hope to see this in the near future! :)
we are here to support you... i miss my programming in vb. i will give you some project examples that might help you alot(almost all of your needed ideas are also here). .
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Thanks for the link.
But i´m developing under Ruby now, and a good code base if programmed and functionally (i only dont understand github xD), so i dont need the dite at the moment. But thanks ;)

Kagurame wrote:

Thanks for the link.
But i´m developing under Ruby now, and a good code base if programmed and functionally (i only dont understand github xD), so i dont need the dite at the moment. But thanks ;)
I could guide you through using GitHub, it's really easy to set up projects there and keeping them up-to-date.
1. Set up a account here - Enter your credentials (E-Mail and stuff) and validate your account after that.
2. Install the GitHub-client for Windows - You can get it here, just follow the steps for the installation.
3. Log in to your account on the client
4. If there already exists a directory of your ruby-project, navigate to its folder. Not directly into it!
5. Drag the folder onto the GitHub-client and release it
6. Now you can set up a repository with name and description.

Note: Now you can commit every change that is made to github, you will have it on a own project page, for example so that everyone can see it and maybe add some stuff to it.

To make it a bit easier to explain what to do in Step 4/5, I make a example with a already uploaded project from me:
I want to upload my project "teabag", but how? Here's my project folder:

Now I navigate out of this folder, so I can take every element or just move them.

Now I drag and drop the folder "teabag" (aka the folder containing all my code and settings for the project) and drop it into the GitHub-client and the "new repository"-screen appears.

Make your entries and select be sure to select "Push to GitHub", press Create, Done.

Kagurame wrote:

if you want to learn a bit i could show you ruby, its really easy to use.

If you understand ruby than you could help if you want ;)
Can u teach me? if it's okay with you
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pixeldesu: now i have comitted, but its "unsynced", what does this mean? (see spoiler)
Otonashi Yuzuru: Yes (: Its ok for me, i get programming guides in real life (on ruby, too) and so i can train my english and know new people ^^

The code base is created.
osc loading existing skin files (and analize) if an correct osu! directory given (osc ensure that and correct directory is given).
welcome screen is completed, the options section nearly (it missing only a back button ^^)

rmxp engine does not support mouse or keyboard! in osc mouse and key board are working now, the code for this is not complete my own, but edited and working now.

osc is showing the osu cursor as default mouse cursor now.

I´m planning to make osc byself skinnable, and all skinfiles which are used and usable for osu will be automatically merged to each skin you are creating (for example you´re using in each skin the same mouse cursor, so overwrite the osc mouse cursor). Would you like this?

@Kagurame: Click on that "Publish" button on the top there, then you make your first commit :3

[Edit:] You do that, what I wrote above after you did that what I sent you via PM.
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The Repo on GitHub is working. You can always download the current published version and view the code and the changes.

I hope you like it ^-^
Read the readme file before running some stuff!

View repo at GitHub
This sounds really really awesome, can't wait to see it in action!
Just passing by to indicate my interest and encouragement for the project. I can't wait to see what this looks like in the future, and I'm excited to maybe use it myself! Best of luck to ya <3
Good luck with this neat program of yours...
Kyujuroku 96
When Its finished PM me so I can include it on my Project Compilation thread.
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what thread does you mean? O.o
Kyujuroku 96
This thread. As long as you are interested

EDIT: Bah, I going to add it anyway
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The last few days i´ve worked on a few tricky functions... :)

But its working (the functions).

  1. Added skinnable files
  2. Clean up loads and calls for better performance and better code style
  3. Added Labels
  4. Added Full working File Browser (e.g. for selecting your personally osu dir)
  5. Added list selecting field (e.g. which hard drive while browsing somewhere or creating a beatmap skin / full osu skin)

The Update on github will follow this days.

Note: The background is only the background for me. Each user can select own graphics next to the standard graphics. Same for the mouse cursor.
look here:

If a graphic too big for a view, osc automatically scale down this graphic ;)
So my bg picture is 1024 * 786, osc scaled it down to 640 * 480.
When you edit the first post you should add the date of the edit, because "the last few days" could have been any time between now and 4 months ago.

Also you could add the link to github on the first post too. I think I'll have a look at it over a week or 2 to see how I could improve it.
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Update 9th june 2013

So... i´ve began to develop the skin create area!
today i´ve programmed a little skin preview box. This box shows the hitcircle, playfield, button-overlay, xh ranking graphic, mouse cursor and diff star from the referented skin.

In a new overview you can select if you wnt to create a new skin (left on screen), edit a skin from skins folder (middle, auto detected) or edit the last edited skin (right, here disabled because i never edited a skin ;) ).

Also i commited all code from the last days.

please load it, install rpg maker xp - rgss player (i´ll commit the installation for this this night on github) and test it under windows 7 or windows 8. I´m working on windows xp and cant test all functions (such as the file browser in options screen)

thank your ;)

@Sakisan: Date added in first post, link added in first post ;)
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