slider hit circle not showing.

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my issue is that i get combo numbers to show and i get regular hit circles to appear but for some reason i dont have my slider hit circle. the files i put in my skin are sliderstartcircle.png sliderstartcircle@2x.png
sliderstartcircleoverlay.png and sliderstartcircleoverlay@2x.png still no slider hit circle. i do not believe it is a skin.ini issue but it very well could be.
the guide i tried to follow is here
Are you that those files aren't blank and that they are all typed correctly? Can't see any other reason as to why this isn't working.
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you are correct they were blank. i dont know how they became blank but they did. thanks now my skin is complete ^_^
No clue why its not working then without looking at the actual files.

If you want the circles to be the same as the normal hitcircles just don't have them at all, osu automatically uses your HC for the sliders.
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