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BSS - Creator's Words double newlines becoming single [confirmed]

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This really needs a better title.
Bump because this is fixed!
This is fixed since when. It was still doing it the last time I checked.

Edit: Just checked and BSS is still doing it.
I tried yesterday by updating a map and it worked fine. Maybe it's broken for first submits still?
I'm not sure what you mean by first submits. It happens to the map I most recently submitted.
Rei Hakurei
it's not first, but in some case it's happened on the X first line;
after those X first line, then the newline is not compressed...

(wait, i'll try to update one of my maps later)
This is not resolved. Unresolving.
I guess what I experienced was a fluke then. Or actually, I had a single newline and edited the map to make it a double newline, so maybe that bypassed the breakage...
The next time you try to submit a map with double new lines that were created via the regular way at least, they will show up as single new lines.
This still happens BTW.
It does happens, all the time. I'm tired of copypasting the right formatted description (it's long so ye i don't want to re-enter each lines) from the thread to the BSS dialog EVERY single time.
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