BSS - Creator's Words double newlines becoming single [confirmed]

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With the latest update osu! has had there has been something really awkward happening lately with regards to any additional spacing you've had in the Creator's Words: section.

- Evidence of the issue addressed -

Image of how I intended to have my page to look like:

How BSS kindly treats any purposefully placed new lines:

If I press submit as it is all of the text becomes compressed without the additional spacing.

- How to confirm this issue -
  1. Ensure that you had new line spacing between text entry beforehand and it should show up.
  2. Simply open up and attempt to update any of your existing beatmaps.

Not really a high priority thing but it's starting to become annoying.
Images don't load (have been deleted).
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Images replaced.
Sorry if it's not ok to bump this,

But a quick workaround for this until its fixed is to simply not hit 'Submit' on the beatmap submission screen, instead hit cancel.

The map will still update, but the OP will remain unchanged.
Please fix this. The bug is new lines are removed in the beatmap submission screen. Mappers have to indent their beatmap descriptions everytime they update their beatmaps.
It only happens for newlines between two lines of text?
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