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im not reading manga :v but i draw the manga
Arief Santosa
usually read at ... &list=read

Green Platinum wrote:

annxe wrote:

looking for a manga.

what I'm looking for //

cute shoujo manga ><. that or a very suspenseful manga that leaves me hanging for more at the end of the chapter. I would definitely like nice art but if it's a really good plot then art doesn't really matter.

mangas along the lines of //

Horimiya , Akatsuki no Yona , Shokugeki no Soma , Aoharu x Kikanju , Hadi Girl , Last Game , Nisekoi , Kimi ni Todoke , Mairunovich , and so on :)

[size=150]-- thanks in advance
Try Skip Beat and Chihayafuru. Although admittedly I'm not much of a manga fan.
Their anime adaptions are excellent too.

I'm usually not at all excited about Live-action stuff, But I am interested in seeing the Live-action Chihayafuru movie
I'm skeptic about that... The thing that makes fictional mediums like manga or anime that much better in this type of show is how they handle the rather simple movements of for example swinging your arm in various epic strokes and poses without looking bad. Take Death Note as a good example. The unforgetable scenes of Light writing franatically in his book look so much better when the director had unlimited ways of portraying it compared to the live action. It takes away a lot from shows like chihayafuru (one of my favorites btw) where the only intense moments except for certain "romance" scenes are the gameplay themselves

It works for action shows but I have my doubts about any type of live action. Only good ones I've seen are like cpt harlock or kenshin, whom had probably a way bigger budget. Or tbh, space brothers movie was pretty good, with a relatively low budget it seemed, but it was a completely different show and cool actors.
Green Platinum
I never said Live-action Chihayafuru will be better or anything. It's certainly more doable than other series'. Live action Deathnote was pretty solid the series isn't about how Light writes names in a book. The issue of movement only comes into play when rotoscoping.
Nor did I claim you did. i was not attacking you in any way I just expressed my doubts of the live action execution. i didn't say DN was about that either... please pay attention. I took it as an example of how simple movements are in anime & manga versus live action, and the impact loss when adapting fiction to nonfiction in that regard. Things like that will matter more in shows like chihayafuru, where they are the main fast paced parts of it. This is the reason I'm skeptical about adapting something like chihayafuru.
Green Platinum
My point was I think your concerns are largely a non-issue. I see fast paced moments being more important in a fantasy/action series rather than one somewhat emulating reality anyway.
If you consider a potential quality drop a non issue that's fine with me, but again I - with chihayafuru as a favorite show - would only be turned off on seemingly minor but important atmospherical details as such. Live action often lose a lot of luster when adapting series, but that's a different discussion.
Green Platinum
Well that just comes with the change in medium. Whether the live-action is incredible or not that doesn't change the anime (so what does quality drop have to do with anything?)
I'd rather see companies making a risk adapting something of actual entertainment value rather than stick with the generic safe option for the 99th time.
Like I said, other discussion. However, if they would go all out I'm fine with it, but looking at the history of adaptations they seldom do. Adaptations often cut corners in obvious places and just makes one cringe. I surely hope it won't be a low budget film if anything...
Green Platinum
I don't think I need to tell you that Chihaafuru is a adaption.I'd rather actually see the film before I make any claims about it cutting corners but the series is award winning and popular, doesn't need much of a FX budget and has a small cast are all factors that work in this films favour.
Kimi wa Midara na Boku no Joou is pretty nice.
I read it for the 'story' ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I'm not searching for a suggestion but I'm here to suggest a title "UQ Holder"
Genre: Shounen, Action, Supernatural
Status: Ongoing
Give it a try!
If you're into harem ecchi shit and you're a perverted old neckbeard I suggest you read 'Minamoto-kun Monogatari'.

It's about a pretty-faced dude who lives with his hot aunt. He is trying to conquer his fear of girls because he was bullied a lot in junior-high cos the girls were jealous of his looks.

His aunt is obsessed with 'the tale of genji', the story of a pretty-faced prince who banged 14 different women. The dude reminds his aunt of genji because of his feminine beauty. To help the MC conquer his fear of girls, the aunt is trying to reenact the tale of genji by getting him laid with 14 different women.

-Not for kids.
-Go fuck yourself you creeps.
Suggest me a good romance manga with a nice art

Raiken- wrote:

Suggest me a good romance manga with a nice art
Taiyou no Ie
Saenai Kanojo no Sodatekata

Ecchi Romance:

Domestic na Kanojo
Monster Musume (Rom-Com with ecchi)
Are you guys into gore mangas?
Check these out. You guys should try these:

Mahou Shoujo of the End
Dolly Kill Kill
Meikyuuiri Tsumi
I'm also going to suggest something.

Densha Otoko

It's actually a very lovely romance manga. Give it a try, you'll see for yourself.
Haikyuu Second season
Something that would make me mentally unstable? Something that will give me da good ol' PTSD. It can be a psychological horror or something so depressing that it could make you want to kill yourself. I'd prefer the latter at the moment but a recommendation for the former would be appreciated as well. Also, no one-shots. Read too many of those.
Well, i bought "The Breaker" and "The Breaker New Waves" and i must say its fucking awesome!!!
The fights are drawn so well, and the character development is fucking cool!
I recommend it to everyone who likes Action, Martial Arts and a main character who'll kick ass when its needed!!!
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