Wake Up, May'n! - One In A Billion

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Sonntag, 3. Januar 2021 at 19:42:38

Artist: Wake Up, May'n!
Title: One In A Billion
Source: 異世界食堂
Tags: isekai shokudou restaurant to another world wake up girls! opening op anime japanese pop j-pop Armin A_r_M_i_N Kuki1537 Elinor [_Eli_] Pepekcz Rosiie shokudo jpop eli PEACE of SMILE full ver version
BPM: 152
Filesize: 8061kb
Play Time: 04:09
Difficulties Available:
  1. Eli & Pepe's Hard (3,8 stars, 722 notes)
  2. Fantasy (6,3 stars, 960 notes)
  3. Kuki's Extra (5,59 stars, 917 notes)
  4. Rosiie's Insane (4,7 stars, 805 notes)

Download: Wake Up, May'n! - One In A Billion
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Ranked #28
(mapset by Me, Kuki1537, Elinor, Pepekcz and Rosiie)

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Hard ~ by Elinor [odds] & Pepekcz [evens]
Insane ~ by Rosiie
Extra ~ by Kuki1537
Fantasy ~ by Me


Hitsounds ~ by Me
MP3 ~ from this set
BG ~ Source


Stixy & Garden
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