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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Monday, January 3, 2022 at 08:26:51

Artist: Police Piccadilly feat. Hatsune Miku
Title: Kire Carry On
Source: #コンパス 戦闘摂理解析システム
Tags: #COMPASS combat providence analysis system sentou setsuri kaiseki shisutemu 双挽乃保 ノホタン soubiki noho kill kyari picadily picadilly chainsaw maimai milk japanese vocaloid rock video game jaltzu
BPM: 170
Filesize: 5235kb
Play Time: 02:56
Difficulties Available:
  1. Futsuu (2.63 stars, 497 notes)
  2. Jaltzu's Inner Oni (4.91 stars, 1025 notes)
  3. Kantan (1.72 stars, 277 notes)
  4. Muzukashii (3.59 stars, 698 notes)
  5. Oni (4.44 stars, 904 notes)

Download: Police Piccadilly feat. Hatsune Miku - Kire Carry On
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

you can safely use 0% background dim with storyboard on without hurting your eyes

neonat / kanpakyin

Inner Oni by Jaltzu
Background by wogura

lyric reference

this map was modded by 7 (ex-)bns and the gd is by a bn too

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