Knife Party - Bonfire [Osu|Taiko]

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Nwolf wrote:

Just wondering, shouldn't the BPM be 87 (with doubled SV)?
how about add "-Anhedonia-" to tags? it's kazukisinx new nickname `-`

btw, welcome back Rage :D
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Sure, I'll add it later.

Anyways, to those who're wondering: ono is still busy these days so I can't ask for rechecks right away. I'll call him back when he's done.
And now what?
Now wait for Onosaki..
Well fuck I've been wanting to map this since like November 2012 and well
fuck you inverness :(
(Really nice map / Even better SB)
Hello, you are missing a finisher here 01:26:206 (3) -

or not thank you bye
Recheck time.


Change the name from Muzu to Muzukashii. Song name is long. But you can just leave "Taiko" out to have a shorter diff name.
(Muzu = Ha... ???)

00:52:672 (44) - Delete this note. ddddk in a Muzu is as always rather questionable. We don't have it as official rule, but as thumb of rule not to use these patterns, especially bounded together with 1/2 notes (I mentioned this 3 months ago).

Collab Oni

01:17:241 - x1,25 and 01:17:413 - x1,00 (you did the same at 02:01:379 )

OnosakiHito wrote:

01:17:241 - Suggesting to add at 01:17:413 a new x1.00, so the transition is better from one to the other part.
After that we are ready to go.
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ggjfsdfsgjsdfjdgfjdgfjdsgfds so I have to call inaba again
inb4 late reply again
let's wait for 1 more year again yey

On a serious note: I agree with taiko diff name change.
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Now wait for inaba. Inb4 until one year later.

EDIT: Ok so I PM inaba (again) that I could apply his mod by myself as it was just about deleting one single note. FINALLY, he replied:

So everything is good to go.

EDIT2: Totally good to go after polishing the Rage diff. Ok.

Another firetrucking great new page.
Hm. Somehow we are not comming forward with this set. lol
There are still some things which hasn't been changed(probably because of misunderstanding) and cases I'm not sure about either I forgot to mention it or it got changed afterwards.


Red mention is a must.

Wasn't at 01:06:896 a kiai as well ? Also, why are there differences in kiai at 01:39:310 and 00:55:172 ?
What's up with the 01:17:241 and 02:01:379 ? I guess you misunderstood me. So I will mention it a third time: p/3101116
01:17:241 - x1.25
01:17:586 - x1.00
02:01:379 - x1.25
02:01:724 - x1.00
Change it.
00:35:344 (8,9) - That's also something I wonder about. I'm not sure if I just missed it or this got changed, but a finisher in front of a smaler note is a not good. It overlaps the smaller note. Change it to a normal note. Since 00:40:862 (28,29) - is okay due to the higher SV but you could change it for consistency. - Tbh, it sounds in this way nice as well and prevents that previous overlap.
00:38:448 (20,21) - Normaly I'm against such stuff (kkddkdD), but since there is a SV change it makes it easier to play.

Do not kudosu this post.
I will check the set by my own, so you don't have to recall me.
Here is the fixed map.
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Fml I accidentally kudo'd the recheck, sorry.

Anyway updated like real fo real.
I say the kD is alright. We normaly don't use it, but the SV has been just lowered down. Still plays nice, looks okay and sounds good.
So I would give it a go at this point, after months of fighting, huh.

I wish you good luck guys.

osu-approved: p/2851038
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Let's go with this!


helo. am here 2 shoot star
I am almost pretty sure this should be 87 BPM. While it doesn't change much, it's the true BPM of the song. Dubstep always has slow beats and high activity, so it doesn't change maps, but it does make the BPM correct (just don't forget to double all your SV values). :p

I am aware that many sites list it as 174 as well, but many also list it as 87, and pretty much all sites I found this track to purchase from labeled it as 87.

(No fear, just a number change, take a look at Kyoto for example)

Oh btw, I recommend offset +5, feels so much better.

[Collab Awesome]
Very fun, but some minor issues.
Take a look at this:
00:33:103 - This slowdown is too sudden, making two notes completely overlap each other, as far as I know this is unrankable and should get fixed. Gradual slowdown recommended because the echo of the song stays for a bit longer at that part, so it would make sense.
02:22:758 (1,2,3,4) - D kkd plays so much better (or d kkd) on many ways, just a suggestion.

Just don't think I am trying to undermine this, I just want it to be as best as possible. ;)
(can't pop for obvious reasons)
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Nah I'll stick with 174. I don't use halved BPMs for dubstep maps due to 1/4 nature on the streams (also considering the fast buildups pre and mid drop, they're pretty fast). Thanks for the info though, lolcubes.

I'll contact the guests regarding the taiko. kd for mod

Edit: +5 feels late imo so I don't think so D:
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