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Ephemeral wrote:

TheVileOne wrote:

It is not hard to implement.

I support this.
I don't see how you could possibly know, please refrain from making grand assumptions about the difficulty of implementing a particular feature - some require a lot more effort than you'd think.
I guess it depends on your frame of reference and approach. The code is already implemented for fixed objects (taiko and mania), it would be more complex to code it for dynamic objects, and multiple angles, and so forth. And it would be more or less harder to do in an efficient manner. It wouldn't be unreasonably difficult to compare screen/ grid positions in real time. Notes are already given coordinates, and the game can already track coordinate movement of the cursor.

Upon hit, compare cursorPosition to notePosition in buffer. Compare X position of cursor to notePosition in the buffer. Compare Y position in the buffer. From this information, calculate pixel difference from center of note. Next part would be a bit trickier. If you want complete 1/100th degree of accuracy, you would take note's diameter based on circle size, and compare it to the pixel difference.

Lets say the note is 20 pixels wide. The pixel difference is 10 pixels. 10/20 = 0.5 = 50% accuracy. I guess the note's actual width is unimportant compared to the size of the hit window.

It's probably not very efficient to do it the simple maths way. Bring on complex bit comparisons.... It can be as complex or as easy as one wants it to be.

Oh and there will be bugs. On a complexity scale, this seems to me to be a 6 where 10 would be impossible to implement. 4 if it's inefficient and buggy.
i reiterate, unless you have access to the source code, i don't see how you could possibly know. extrapolating in such circumstances is a waste of your time.

i've had an idea for an unranked "flourish" mod that would work on a similar premise, so I may look at implementing something similar at some point in the future - don't wait for it, though.
To be clear, "accuracy" and "precision" below refers to the distance between the cursor and the hitcircle when the key/mousebutton is clicked, and not timing.

As far as I am aware, osu! replays aren't terribly informative about how precisely or accurately a player is clicking. We get to know if we are in the circle, on the edge of the circle or not in the circle at all, but that's about it(Correct me if I am wrong). I enjoy jump maps the most, so I felt it would be nice to have such feedback, which would answer such questions:

-How precise am I when I click? (variance of clicks)
-How does my precision change when jumps increase in distance and speed?
-When I change my mouse or tablet, is my precision increasing or decreasing? (Even if I am getting similar scores)
-Does my precision get affected by sleepiness?
-In what other ways can a player's performance be graphically represented?

The closest thing I've found to this is this feature request, but I have a feeling it won't be implemented in the near future.

Statistics can also be obtained outside of game via simple click-logging and comparing the output to the original beatmaps. In fact I am sufficiently interested in this to have started on a script, but it occurred to me that someone else could already have a working utility that does this. Just asking before I continue to reinvent the wheel.

eat_now wrote:

The closest thing I've found to this is this feature request, but I have a feeling it won't be implemented in the near future.
I don't think it would be any fun nor useful. Full combo is already enough to say how precise you are, for more challenge we have small circles and HR (which in fact many people hate). It would exclude any flow/dance cursor actions because you must aim straight to the circle centre. Just another reason to get frustrated and depressed because you suck in this game.
That is something I don't really wanna know. I mean I don't necessarily aim for the center of a hitcircle when I play.
Just my thoughts~
peppy actually plans to add something like this sometime in the future, after redesigning the results screen.

Also, this is a feature request, so moved accordingly.
Merged this topic, because it is the exact same thing.
If the statistics is implemented in similar way as Hit Error and Unstable Rate, then the Replay data glitch (where you managed to barely hit the note at the edge of the circle during gameplay and showing as a miss at Replay data) might need to be fixed.
I've seen this suggested many times, and I'm not entirely sure why it's been shot down. I believe this would be a good idea. I personally think that it needs no score multiplier as it would simply be a tool to increase one's overall performance at Osu! I don't see how it's implementation could harm anything, Hope this gets somewhere. It's somewhat sad how this was suggested 5 years ago and completely shot down. >_>
I was just thinking of this, and instead of giving an accuracy number, make it a heatmap (see example image), including misses (to a certain degree). Of course, you can always add in a number for accuracy.

Primula wrote:

This would make for a pretty fun multiplayer mode.
3 hitboxes.
Hit the edge, +1 combo Hit near the centre, +2 combo hit DEAD centre, +5 combo
would devalue slider ticks though
added in test build. looks pretty cool :D
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