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Welcome to Essey6's Taiko Modding Queue!

2020 version!



permanetly closed, kept up for history's sake. thank you so much!



NM: 0
M4M: 0
GDs: 0


ok so basically i got back into osu! n then got back into taiko mapping so. guess what we doin!!! we MAPPIN. we MODDIN. we SUFFERIN. same thing right? <3

  1. Please only request NMs/M4Ms/GDs when they are open respectively
  2. Please give me at least up to a week to mod and/or map... IRL is busy cuz I have to do Adult Thingz now lol
  3. FOR M4M: PLEASE LET ME MOD FIRST! If I do not I will most likely forget to!!!! Please please don't mod my map before I mod yours
  4. Though in the same vein, please don't nag me to mod unless it's been over a week. In which case please nag me-
  5. Password is Epic Gamer Moment, use it in your post or suffer lol

Modding Preferencez
if it's M4M I'm more lenient on genres n whatnot but basically:

  1. I really don't like most meta osu! anime openings so like, please don't be afraid to request it if you think your map fits that but if I deny it also don't be surprised ahskdksk
  2. If it's rock/metal/etc. I'll 99% of the time say yes
  3. If it's wonky with BPMs I'll 99% of the time say yes
  4. If it's vocaloid I'll 80% of the time say yes
  5. If it's nightcore I'll 90% of the time say yes
  6. I'm not very good at modding Futsuu's because I do. not understand them. but I can do Kantan and anything above Muzukashii (for the most part)
  7. I love marathon maps /especially/ if they're lower diff and I will 100% mod them, I prefer M4M for those with my own marathon maps but I will NM if I super like it

Guest Difficultiez
  1. These are pretty much always open so if you need a Taiko GD msg me!!
  2. I'll GD anything that isn't an anime opening
  3. I'll GD every difficulty except for Futsuu
  4. Modding Preferences definitely apply lol

M4M Mapz

if you've ranked a map before and know what you're doing, I probably can't help very much. I'm not "new" to modding/mapping but I've never ranked a beatmap before so smsmsms you're probably better at it than I am if you've gotten one ranked :')

ignore how ugly this page is lol i'll pretty it up eventually

um~, hi, Essey6!
I'll try M4M - it's hard for me to choose, so it's up to you.
my map: Rebecca Sugar - Love Like You (Reprise)
yeah, it's WIP (and other difficulties are still in progress), but I would like to get feedback.
thanks anyway!
Epic Gamer Moment
P.S. there may be problems with timing...
Hello, M4M please
My map: BLANKFIELD - Falling Falls
Will mod: Hail The Sun - Rolling Out The Red Carpet
Thx, Epic Gamer Moment
Hi, mate! NM req Epic Gamer Moment

Thanks in advance
Hi! NM please :3


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2 M4Ms and 1 NM accepted!

SlenderMen wrote:

Epic Gamer Moment

Jaltzu wrote:

Epic Gamer Moment

Havayu wrote:

Epic Gamer Moment
Hi there!

I'd like to ask for a NM in this set if possible (btw.. it's a hybrid set with taiko difficulties, so just ignore std ones :P).

Thanks in Advance!

P.D: Epic Gamer Moment ^_^
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mancuso_JM_ wrote:

Hi there!

I'd like to ask for a NM in this set if possible (btw.. it's a hybrid set with taiko difficulties, so just ignore std ones :P).

Thanks in Advance!

P.D: Epic Gamer Moment ^_^
I'm probably not going to be able to do a lot or suggest much that's actually helpful but I will try :')

1 NM accepted!

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